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Misc. MSTs

Here's the section for MSTs that didn't fit into our other sections. ^_^ Rants, original stories, etc. Enjoy!


Unicorn of Light Rant
MSTed by Bold Font and Dissolved Girl
"Dear, your Unicorn friend was just molested by a bunch of people screaming 'Jesus!!!'"

When Yahoo Attacks--Part 1
When Yahoo Attacks--Part 2
MSTed by Dissolved Girl
Yahoo is quite annoying...oh yes it is.
Appologies for the suckage of this one. ^^;;
--Dissolved Girl

Britney Spears lyrics
MSTed (bravely) by Fenrir
Karade: She’s always “happy” though. It’s part of her programing.

Fenrir's Crazy E-Mails Part 1!
Fenrir's Crazy E-Mail's Part 2!
MSTed by Fenrir (duh)
Karade: *Screaming* This Sunday On PAY PER VIEW!!! The Beneficiary takes on the mammoth Man In Spandex!

Angelette Jamie Rant
MSTed by Dissolved Girl (incognito!)
""Ok. I know this will get removed by all of you people who make it your life mission to criticize my futile attempt at humor..."

Sin and Absolution
MSTed by Acacia
" Oh no Jill! You gotta keep the baby, Jill. You know how wrong it would be to kill the poor baby Jill. Don’t you realize such horribleness Jill? "

Army Spam MST
MSTed by Fenrir
>>Get job training, money for advanced education, money to repay student loans and cash bonuses.

Did we mention you’ll get money?

The Origin of Ninjor
MSTed by King Krypton
It was a hot day in Franklin, La where a young boy was practicing out in his back yard with a Saimiri sword.

Trouble on Cybertron
MSTed by King Krypton
"It's just that the girls at home think different, they think I'm retarded."

Invasion on Grayskull
MSTed by King Krypton
"Skeletor is beating for good now, he will know better than to temp Grayskull again."

Back to Eternia
MSTed by King Krypton
"Hiss, I got to hand it to you, if you wouldn't have made Ninjor so mad to destroy the dimensional transporter we would not be partying today."

The New Heroes
MSTed by Slinky Avenger
"I, Skeletor, wish to be made good again." said Skeletor.

Chapter 1
MSTed by D'Euly
“Oh, this? This is the Garden of Eden.”

Karen: Whoa! I think this is the first Bible fanfic I’ve ever read.