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Well, here's our books & movies section. It's quite small right now, but hopefully that'll change soon. ^_^ At the moment, we only have Lord of the Rings MSTs in this section. Enjoy!


Sisterhood of the Fellowship
Sisterhood of the Fellowship, Part Deux
Lord of the Rings
MSTed by Eden*
"Well, your hobbits are weak compared to ours."
Bold's note: There is not one but (at least) six steriotypical mary sue's in this for your lives!!

Traning Day (Typo Intended)
Traning Day Part 2
Lord of the Rings
MSTed by Al's Waiter
"Bev trugded into the loungeroomish room"

Rambling Band
Rambling Band Part 2
Lord of the Rings
MSTed by Acacia
"Laurel clamors over into the driver's seat"

My Lord of the Rings Re-write: The Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings
MSTed by Black Pearl
Couldn't pick a stinger... =P Black Pearl can feel free to send me one for this mst!
--Dissolved Girl