> To: farfarello_chan@yahoo.com

DA: Farfarello's on yahoo? O.o

> From: clubsbot@yahoo-inc.com

Bratt: *darkly* The Bot that belonged to the
(cue sinister music)
DA: heeee... too bad Crow an' Tom aren't here...

> Reply-to:


> clubs-help@yahoo-inc.com

Bratt: Uh, that was my next guess...

> Subject: Welcome to Lil Schu's shrine!

Both: ...???

>Welcome farfarello_chan!

DA: Now that We know who you are, you will be Assimilated.
We... are Yahoo Clubs.
Bratt. ^_^;;

>Thanks for--

DA: --Nothing, ya lousy bum!

>your interest in joining the Yahoo! Club
>named "Lil Schu's shrine".

Bratt: Your interest in joining the Yahoo!
DA: Club named "Lil Shu's shrine".
Bratt: Yahoo! A Club!

>To become a member,

DA: You must bring me the jade monkey,
before the next full moon...
Bratt: (a la Burns) Excellent...

>go to the Web address below.

DA: http://www.suckah.com
Bratt: http://www.suckme.com
DA: O.o;


Bratt: Looks like the Club's Bot fell on the keyboard...
DA: *takes a flying leap* kewjhrf9387492rdhrf9py5r193

>Note: This URL will

Bratt: Self destruct in five seconds. Have a nice day! :)

>expire after 7 days, or after being used.

DA: [surfer] Uh, like, you know... whatever comes
first, dude.

>If you did not request this message and/or
>have no interest in joining this club, there
>is no need for you to do anything.

DA: ...Well... that sums it up nicely.
Bratt: If you don't wanna be a member, you don't
need to exist! Screw you!
Bratt: Become one with Yahoo!

>You will not be enrolled as a member.

Both: Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!


Bratt: But no thanks.

>The Yahoo! Clubs team

DA: The... YAHOO!!!
Bratt: DUDE! All right, Clubs team!


DA: http://assimilate.yahoo.com/


Bratt: *sadly* It appears the Club's Bot
has flatlined...
DA: *has a moment of silence*


DA: You can never get out.

>Check out some of the areas in the club. You can post
>messages, enter the chat room and begin contributing
>to your new online community. Feel free to invite your
>friends, family and co-workers to join the club.

Bratt: Join us or dieeeeeeeee!!!
DA: Oh, yeah, and you can do our advertising for us, too!

>For help on getting started, go to:

DA: Someone else.


Bratt: http://help.yahoo.com/save/me/


DA: It gets lonely out here... in space...


Bratt: Ack! How'd that dot sneak in here?


DA: Uh, yes... I think we established that...


Bratt: Is it just me, or are you getting a strong
feeling of deja vu?


DA: Oh...my..god... time is stuck in a loop!! *runs
around in circles screaming*
Bratt: DA? Don't worry, I think it's over...
DA: *pauses* Is it? Whew! Thank goodness!
Bratt: ^_^;