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Welcome to the anime and games section of the House of MST! Here we have... well, obviously msts of various anime and video game badfics. ^_^ Enjoy, and please leave feedback for the authors on the message board!


Bulma and Vegeta's Vacation
DBZ, Lemon
MSTed by Dissolved Girl
"im so happy where finally married"

We All Have Needs
Pokemon, Lemon
MSTed by Dissolved Girl, Yaoi Lemon
Due to lack of time (and utter disgust) I didn't bother digging up a stinger for this one.--Bold Font

Terra and Celes' Love
Final Fantasy 6, Yuri Lemon
MSTed by Fenrir & Dissolved Girl
"yeah, well, duty calls....and, um, stop that, ohhh, i cant, uh,"
Bold Font: Behold the eloquence of language!!

A Saria Story
Ocarina of Time (Zelda), Lemon
MSTed by Fenrir & Dissolved Girl
"I am hearing a voice in my head that I do not know"

Ed's Perfect Girlfriend
Tenchi Muyo/Ed, Edd, & Eddie (wtf!?)
MSTed by Fenrir & Dissolved Girl
"A strange ship crash-landed in the street. Two people stepped out. Luckily, no one noticed(strange, but true.)"

KAWAIBO! Cute has learned to Kill...
Tenchi Muyo, Lemon (nc, underage, disturbing)
MSTed by Fenrir & Dissolved Girl
"...I'll get Ryoko & Ayeka to @Mallet you into nothingness."
Bold Font: Sorry, that @mallet thing was just priceless. What IS this @malleting thing? And how is it frightening??

MST of FFT Script--Part 1
MST of FFT Script--Part 2
Final Fantasy Tactics (duh)
Yosho: *As Croc Hunter* Blimey! Aren’t we lucky? First we get to see the elusive double line, and now we get to see the dashed line! Cricky! It’s just unbelievable our luck!

My Suikoden Adventure
Suikoden II
MSTed by Dissolved Girl
"Let me tell you something, I found out that what the stuff people write on the Yaoi Suikoden mailing list is true; there is yaoi in Suikoden."

A Broken Heart, prologue
A Broken Heart, Part 1
Sailor Moon
MSTed by Dissolved Girl
"Suddenly he heard a door shut and Darien hurried and raped a towel..."

Final Fantasy 7, Lemon
MSTed by Fenrir & Dissolved Girl
"Yuffie followed Cloud to his tent. She followed him inside, and Cloud sealed the tent shut."

Dragon Ball Z, Lemon
MSTed by Fenrir
Mai *As Goku*: There’s a monster in my pants!?! *Starts firing energy blasts into his pants.* Die monster!

Sephiroth, Holy, Meteor, Then... (Part 1)
Final Fantasy 7, Lemon
MSTed by Dissolved Girl & Fenrir
Karade: What the hell is this!? I mean....really!

Sephiroth, Holy, Meteor, Then... (Part 2)
Final Fantasy 7, Lemon
MSTed by Dissolved Girl & Fenrir
Shibby: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *throws her boots at the screen* DIIIIIEEEEEEE!!! Karade: *Gets Shibby's boots. Throws them at the screen again.*

Free Time
Sailor Moon, Lemon
MSTed by Dissolved Girl & Fenrir
Karade: All her juice are belong to Mamoru's mouth.
Shibby: Someone set up us the orgasm.

My Inner Life
Ocarina of Time (Zelda), Lemon
MSTed by Jules KD aka Tilly
>>the new sensation causing my back to arc again as my soft
>>moans suddenly turned into loud tiger cries.
>>" Goddesses....grrrr....

Could You Be Mine
MSTed by Alakarda
>>She had blue eyes which was obvious that she was not a pure Japanese.
Alakarda: Eh? Her eyes weren’t pure Japanese? Should we be looking for a label that says “Made in China”?

One Night
Fushigi Yuugi, Lemon
MSTed by Alakarda
>> and hotohori was having a hard time sleeping.
Nuriko: ^_~ Damn straight.