Itís time to start worrying when:

Just a note about this list. ALL of these have happened to me since I got to university.
You know you should take another look at your life when:

You are happy because you have 3 seconds to grab a bite of lunch from the cafeteria, and it's the first food you've eaten for 17 hours.

An acceptable breakfast is one that involves snatching a bun from the cafeteria and running like hell to get to your
8am lab on time.

The fire alarm goes off at
6am on a Monday and your first reaction is to try and turn off your alarm clock.

Your second reaction is to promise to find whoever planned a fire drill for
6am and tear them apart with your bear hands.

The fact that you can no longer see the floor on your half of the dorm room you share with a roommate no longer bothers you.

Or your roommate.

You procrastinate about procrastinating.

You have figured out how to cook ANYTHING using only a microwave and an electric kettle.

The main food in your diet is microwave popcorn.

You get in a fight with someone on your floor when one of you wants to watch a documentary on slime molds and the other wants to watch old, bad, black-and-white sci-fi movies.

It takes you three weeks to realize that you don't need to bring your 30lb textbooks to your lectures.

You start shedding.

On Sunday morning, the only morning in the week when you sleep in, the phone rings at
8am (four hours before you were planing on even thinking about getting up). You manage to pick it up just as the answering machine does. Later when your roommate plays the messages on the answering machine she laughs her ass off because the machine recorded your conversation and you did not use a single actual word during the entire conversation. Also your voice sounds like you have been eating gravel.

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There are more but I can't find the page I wrote them down on right now.