Of Laptop, Breegirls and Cassandra

AW: That sounds like a summary of the show at a stingy night club!

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Gimli: No. Now be gone!


Cassandra looked around the garden. Ok, why were half the guys oogling her?

(AW rubs his temples and mutters something to himself.)

So she was the most populer girl in school.

Legolas: What was that?
AW: (stops rubbing) Hmm? Or sorry. Just getting a headache from the story and I forgot my Advil.
Gimli: Then why don't you take a break? Legolas and I can hold out for a while longer.
AW: Thanks guys.
(AW picks up his walkman, puts the headphones on and presses play. The two friends left hear 'Lothlorien' being quietly edmitted from the headphones.)

Still, She was for one guy.

Legolas: Gollum.

Legolas. Her eye's rested on Alana and her little 'gang'.

Gimli: Rebels without a clue.

How come Alana got to faint in the arms of Legolas?

Legolas: Author's whim!

She was really starting to get on Cassandra's nerves.

Gimli: Funny, Alana has been on my nerves since the beginning of the story.

And Alana was fast becoming populer "I am the most populer girl in school. She's just a mischief maker",

Legolas: (Cassandra) No one is allowed to be more popular than I. It took me a long time to get the pole up there.

that's what she had told all her friends. And the word had spred. A now Alana was referred to as The Grand Mischief Maker.

Gimli: Isn't that Merry's title?
Legolas: Seconded only to Pippin, of course.

And she was even more populer. That really didn't make Cassandra's day.

Gimli: (Cassandra, sniffing) I'm going to crawl into my sock drawer and sleep for days.

But what really pissed Cassandra oof was the fact that Legolas was ignoring her.

Legolas: Sorry. I was too busy doing important things. Like darning my socks.

Her. The most beautiful girl in school.

Gimli: Isn't teacher/student relationships frowned upon in modern society?
Legolas: I believe so, not to mention that I am several hundred years older than she is.

He was eyeing Alana. Even Cassandra could see that.

Legolas: I am planning her demise, I assure you.

Cassandra turned to her Aragorn loving friend Amy.

Gimli: Observation #1 - There are two types of fans; Legolas and Aragorn.

"I'm telling you, we will get the guys. Bev and Alana will fall"

Legolas: (Cassandra) Now help me construct a plan to throw them off Minas Tirith.

Cassandra said, Amy just nodded my approval

Gimli: (Amy, thinking) Yes, my liege.

"We need a plan, something to get Legolas's attention, but until we can figure out something.

Legolas: (Cassandra) I'll learn how to speak properly.

I really want to know what they are talking about"

Gimli: Probably about their corsets or something.
Legolas: I don't think they wear corsets anymore.

Cassandra said, pointing at Alana and her 3 friends,

Legolas: She has three friends now? I'll never be that popular!

they were sitting hunched over something, talking softly, with the occasional giggle..

Gimli: (someone) See? If you take Aragorn's picture like this and draw a line here and here, you have a mushroom!
Legolas: (hobbit) Where?!

"Lets go find out Cass" Amy said, grinning evilly

Gimli: (Amy) I've been dying to find out how to transform the Old Grey One's head into a vaccum.


"Have you noticed Cassandra?"That was Alana. The one that would suffer
"Duh, She's always looknig at you" Bev said

Legolas: (Bev) I think she has a crush on you or something.

"Yeah Al, I seriously think she's jelous" Cassandra narrowed her eyes. Ernedloriel would pay

Gimli: For her sweater that she borrowed and never returned.

"Lor, I don't care, It's not my fault she's a stuck up bitch" Cassandra gasped, she.was.not!

Legolas: Just where is Cassandra hidding? It's not like she has the One Ring or something, correct?

"Al, just post the fic" Fic? As in FanFic? What?

Gimli: (Cassandra) Where? Who? Why am I here? What's the meaning of life?!

"Alright Bev!" What was going on?

Legolas: (Cassandra) Why am I living?

"Hey!!" Ernedloriel was pointing at something
"What Lor?"

Gimli: These short forms of the names are horrid. Must everyone have one?

"The BreeGirls have put ANOTHER chapter"

Legolas: Burn it! Smash it!

"Already? Oh Valar, we have so got to read it.. Those girls like TOTALLY Rock"

Gimli: (whoever) So let pigeons land on them and place them in fountains!

"How Come De gets to 'Lick The Dunedain?'"
"Cause, She helps write the fan fics.."

Legolas: (whoever) Authors shouldn't be able to do what I want. It's not fair!

"Relax Bev, I'm not to happy with Jess marrying Legolas"

Gimli: (whoever) That's my job!

"Nor am I Al!"
What did those girls have.

Legolas: Too much pipe-weed, perhaps?

Cassandra decided to go ahave a proper look

Gimli: She put on her reading glasses.
Legolas: Nearby ants burst into flame.

"What are you three doing?"

AW: Oh... oh... (covers his eyes, to himself) I came back at the wrong time. Never come into the middle of something and try to make sense of it.
Legolas: Uh... welcome back?

"Why do you care Cass?" Oo, no one but her friends called her that.

Legolas: Kick her in the shins!
AW: The jugular!

She saw Bev hides the laptop,

Gimli: Up her shirt.
AW: *bwrooonng* (Cassandra) Did your stomach just boot up?

a bit to slow
"WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?!" She shrieked

AW: (british accent) We found them.
Legolas: (british accent) How do you suppose a laptop made it's way to Mirkwood?
AW: (british accent) It could have been carried.

The three gulped "What?"
"The Laptop!?! I'm so telling Gandalf"

AW: Uh... where is it plugged in?
Gimli: The nearest tree outlet?

Cassandra smirked. They would get in trouble for this

AW: (singing) Uh oh. We're in trouble. Something's come along and it's burst our bubble....

"Tell him.." Why was Alana smirking?


The next day, Cassandra had been yelled at for accusing Alana of having a laptop, which of corse, had coincdently gone missing.

Gimli: Take that, human! Don't mess with the author!
AW: And the laptop went back to the plot hole from whence it came.
Legolas: Feeling better?
AW: Yeah. Bring on the next chapter! I am feelin' good!

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Legolas: You were only too kind.

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