Alakarda: *folds hands* Welcome back. After ďCOULD YOU BE MINE?Ē I felt Suguru-san needed a break. So I browsed the Fushigi Yuugi sections, and found this little gem. ďOne NightĒ, a fic so awful that it makes a mockery of one of my favourite pairings. So, I gathered an MSTer from the Universe of Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho Ė

Nuriko: -_- She got me here. Can we just get this over with? I have an Emperor to chase.

Alakarda: Right you are, Nuri-san! This fic is R rated, so donít say I didnít warn you.

Nuriko: But you didnít Ė

Alakarda: WARNING Ė this fic is R rated.


>>One Night


Alakarda: Really, thatís quite an original title. Up there in the golden seats with ďOnce Upon a TimeĒ.

>>        It was a rainy night then .


Nuriko: *blinkblink* Then...what?


>> and hotohori was having a hard time sleeping.


Nuriko: ^_~ Damn straight.


>> Just then he heard a loud thump on the other room he knew it was


Alakarda: GODZILLA!


>> Nuriko's room he thought


Alakarda: He knew it was Nurikoís room, he thought? The hell?

Nuriko: My room has never been next to Hotohori-samaís. *wistful sigh* A girl can dream.

Alakarda: Youíre male.

Nuriko: *wistful sigh* So I am.


>> something must be wrong w/ him.


Alakarda: *twitch* Letís just skip over that.


>> he's so beautiful next to me


Nuriko: Something must be wrong with me because Iím beautiful next to him? Thatís encouraging.

Alakarda: ...So youíre only beautiful when youíre next to him?

Nuriko: -.- What a way to kick me when Iím down.


>>.. yeah.. not only is he a guy.


Alakarda: ...


>> a beautiful guy.. wish he was a girl.


Nuriko: *splutter* Excuse me? Hotohori-sama is NOT that shallow.


>> Hotohori got up and leaned onto the door of Nuriko's room


Alakarda: ...thatís a new way of knocking...


>> after how many seconds.


Nuriko: Five. And a quarter. I was counting.


>> "Your highness was raised


Alakarda: *snigger*


>> full of respect and dignity right?"


Alakarda: Respect? When did that happen?


>> Hotohori, surprised started to raise his sword


Both: *snigger*


>> towards the voice. "Whoa it's me emperor.


Alakarda: ...Heika the Horse?

Nuriko: So it would seem.




Alakarda: ^_^ Whee! Random comma.


>> why the heck were you peeking in my room, you might as well know that I am a man"


Nuriko: Hotohori-sama is narcissistic, but he isnít STUPID.


>> "Yes I know I was just curious


Alakarda: (as Hotohori) Iíve never seen another man before.


>> I thought I heard something in there" Hotohori replied softly


Alakarda: (as Hotohori) I just thought you might have been...well...

Nuriko: Yes?

Alakarda: (as Hotohori) I mean, itís not that Iím perverted or anything, but you might have been...well...

Nuriko: Yes?!
Alakarda: (as Hotohori) ...making toasties.

Nuriko: TOASTIES?!

Alakarda: ...euphemism.

Nuriko: Where did you get that?

Alakarda: Try being friends with Yuffie.


>> "Well I was drinking and I think I got a little bit on the drunk side


Nuriko: (as OOC Nuriko) never usually happens...I mean, drinking, getting drunk... theyíre not usually connected, yíknow?


>> that's why.


Alakarda: Since when do you bounce off walls when youíre drunk?

Nuriko: ^_^;;;;


>>hey why don' t you come join me


Nuriko: ^_~ Come here my dear...

Alakarda: o.o Nuri-san?

Nuriko: Yes?

Alakarda: Donít ever do that again.


>>there's more inside". "Yeah. yeah sure" Hotohori said as they went in.


Alakarda: Iím lost.

Nuriko: Me too.


>> "It's long been gone. manhood? Aaaaaah,


Nuriko: How sweeeeet!


>> No way can I go back there!


Alakarda: Back? To manhood? Nuri-san, are you a woman?

Nuriko: -_- Why even bother to ask?


>>He he , you know what,


Alakarda: *knows* What?


>> men are cute too rather than having women in bed"


Nuriko: ^_^ True, true.

Alakarda: *no comment*


>>.. "Ahem have you tried it .. I mean sleeping w/ men?"


Alakarda: *eyetwitch*


>>Hotohori asked stuttering "Yeah lots of times,


Nuriko: *indignant* I HAVE NOT!

Alakarda: Donít worry, youíre not saying this. Hotohoriís asking it, while stuttering.

Nuriko: Heikaís a slut?
Alakarda: So decrees the bad paragraphing.


>> well anyway, how 'bout you all mighty emperor bet you didn't have X


Nuriko: ...drugs?

Alakarda: ^^ If youíre going to take heroin, take ecstasy instead Ė the lethal dosage rate is much higher.


>> while you're still living up to now."


Both: Said what now?


>> Hotohori didn't reply anymore.


Alakarda:...letís just assume they stopped talking.

Nuriko: Yes. Why yes, they did.


>>"S sorry


Alakarda: ...yes, Nuriko, sorry begins with the letter S! WELL DONE!


>> 'bout that emperor" Nuriko said coming close to him.


Alakarda: *snigger*


>> "I just have to blow it off


Both: *snigger*


>> my chest"


Nuriko: I will not enquire as to the anatomical precision of ďblowing off your chestĒ.


>> he said placing his hands on Hotohori's face


Alakarda: And clawing his eyes out.


>>"loving a man doesn't mean it's bad"


Alakarda: No, it just means that a lot of fangirls will crowd at your windows to watch you make out. ^_^


>> continued Nuriko his mouth near him .


Nuriko: My mouth is always near me. It is, I like to think, firmly attached.


>> the emperor was thinking what to do he could let Nuriko take him


Both: YES.


>> but he loved Miaka


Both: NO.


>> ... but there's no harm in trying.


Nuriko: Heika-sama is NOT just a sexual tourist!


>> Nuriko started kissing Hotothori


Alakarda: No, but apparently ďHotothoriĒ is.


>> while slowly sliding


Both: ???


>> and taking off his clothes


Nuriko: ^-^


>> .."I promise I'll be careful with


Alakarda: (as OOC Nuriko) The bed. I donít think it can take our combined weight.


>> you emperor". Nuriko can't take it anymore and he started to go down on him... Hotohori moaned and groaned with delight and gladness


Alakarda: And the MSTers smacked their heads against the wall with pain and agony...


>>. . . . He never felt this way before not with Miaka


Nuriko: Did Miaka sleep with Heika-sama?

Alakarda: In this fic, she did.


>> he begged for more and Nuriko knew this is going to be the first and last


Both: *blink**blink, blink*

Alakarda: ...the said what now?


>> so he intended this to be an unforgettable experience. Nuriko's first night with a first timer and an emperor.


Nuriko: AT THE SAME TIME?! ^_~ Fun for Nuri-chan...


>> What a night of excitement and fun.


Alakarda: And badly-written fics, and stories that really have not been worked out that well.


>>Hotohori sure was begging for more


Nuriko: So you said.


>> and Nuriko's thrusts became faster and faster then and there Nuriko's cum exploded inside of Hotohori . Was Nuriko ever been in this situation ever?


Nuriko: Actually I havenít, but since this fic labels me a manwhore...


>> No way, Now hotohori never felt this way before and he wanted more, more.


Alakarda:...What happened to Hotothori?


>> Nuriko knew it and started kissing his dick


Alakarda: How the hell would he reach it?

Nuriko: I...donít know.


>> and he thought "So big, never thought it was this big "


Nuriko: *giggle*


>> Then hotohori's cum exploded inside Nuriko's mouth


Nuriko: -_- Will you STOP with the explosions?


>> this challenged Nuriko more than ever. He started laying on the back of the emperor and placed his dick inside Hotohori's anus . hotohori groaned in pain while nuriko was chanting "be a man" over and over again.


Both: ...

Alakarda: Iím not even gonna ask.


>> Nuriko started thrusting his, inside of hotohori again


Nuriko: My...what?

Alakarda: *opens her mouth*

Nuriko: *THWACK*
Alakarda: @_@


>> and harder and harder it went until another set of cum appeared.


Nuriko:...I take it back. The explosions were better.


>> Nuriko was dead


Nuriko: Wishful thinking.


>> tired after all that happened, they both kissed while remembering how they enjoyed every moment of their X .


Alakarda: ...and again the drugs pop up.


>> There they ended their night of endless fantasy.



Alakarda: @__@ The redundancy hurts my eeeeeyes...

Nuriko: *pats* Breathe.