FIC: A Broken Heart

AUTHOR OF FIC: Jupiter Girl

MST BY: Dissolved Girl

DISCLAIMER: Standard disclaimers apply.  Nothing

belongs to me, but this

MSTing, and Alex.  No offence is meant by this...

consider it a demented

form of c&c... I PLEAD INSANITY!! XD XD XD ...Enjoy!




<Seed, Alex and Jowy are dragged into the theater early

the next morning>


Seating (L-R): Jowy, Seed, Alex


Jowy: *grumbles* Here AGAIN?

Alex: -_-; No more....

Seed: *yawns* Could be worse, right?


Seed: Right??


>   OK the usual disclaimer,


Alex: (author) I'm a fool with no money, don't sue!

Seed: (Author) I've just borrowed these characters for


own sick, twisted amusement!

Jowy: *snorts* ...Sounds like you, Seed...

Seed: .........*glare*




Jowy: Believe me, we're all very glad!

Alex: Hey, at least she's not writing incoherent

lemons. ^_^


>   thank you and

>   have a nice day.


Alex: *grumble* It'd be nice if you hadn't written this



>   Well here goes the first chapter and I hope you like

>   it.


Seed: Oh, don't worry, we'll have fun mocking it.



>   on to the story and please enjoy yourself with this



All: (monotone) We won't...


>   and a bowl of popcorn.^-^


Alex: Mmm... popcorn. *drool*

Jowy: Hey, if this is a theater... why don't we get


Seed: *looks up from a sheet of paper* Not in our

contract, apparently.


>   A Broken Heart


Jowy: And a neverending fanfic?


>   Chapter 1


Seed: ...The chapter that never should have been.

Alex: NONE of this ever should have been!


>   "Mom , Im going to go see what Darien is up to."

Serena yelled to her

>   mother who was working in the kitchen.


Seed: Hmmm... I don't think she wants to see what

Darien has been up to.

Jowy: (dark; Serena) Darien... I know what you did last

summer--er, last


Alex: Yeah... her name was Lita Kino, if my guess is


Seed: Up for a bet?

Alex: Sure! You're on! Fifty potch says I'm right!

Seed: Fine!


>   "Ok sweet heart


Alex: Mmm... sweet, sweet heart.... *drool*

Jowy: *nervously leaning away* Uhhh... help?

Seed: Err... *leaning away as well*


>   please be back

>   soon you have to clean your room before you go to

the mall with your

>   friends."


Seed: *blinks* When did anyone say anything about going

to a mall?

Jowy: I'm... confused. O_o

Seed: Heh, you're *always* confused.

Jowy: ...Shut up.


>   "Mom do I have to ?" " Yes or do not bother to

leave that

>   door all day today." Serenas mom Serenity Said.


Alex: Umm... wasn't Serena called Serenity in the moon


Jowy: I... think so?

Alex: Sooo... isn't that like saying she's her own


Seed: O_o;; Welcome to the Jerry Springer show?

Alex: Anyway, her mom's name is Ikuko... well, assuming

this isn't the

moon kingdom. ^_^;

Seed: ...Fanboy.


>   "Ok , Fine ill do it, bye!" And Serena ran from the

room in a hurry.


>   *At Darien's apartment penthouse


Seed: Penthouse? Where?

Alex: *whistles innocently and puts away a magazine*


>   ' What happened,


Jowy: You got drunk and slept with someone??

Alex: ...Reminds me of the party after the battle at

Muse... *cough*

Seed: Heh... ahh, I remember that.


>   I dont remember yesterday night


Jowy: That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one!


>   at all , maybe ill


Alex: I'm feeling a little ill myself... can I leave??

Seed: ...If only.


>   sleep a little more.' Darien thought , but when he

turned over his arm

>   hit something or someone else.


Alex: Dead body???

Seed: Ew, necrophelia...

Jowy: *turns green* Urk...


>   'WHAT?!?!" Darien opened his eyes and

>   saw one of his best friends,


Seed: That arcade guy, Andrew?

Jowy: O_o;; Wouldn't that be a scary surprise.

Alex: *sweatdrop* There's one reason not to get

shit-faced drunk.


>   Lita Kino


Alex: HA!! Pay up, Seed!!

Seed: *grumbles and hands over fifty potch* I'll get

you back, just you



>   sleeping naked in his bed.


Jowy: Wooo!!! ^_^


>   She

>   turned over and sighed. Darien looked down and saw

that he too was

>   naked and was really confused.


Seed: (sarcastic) Gee, let's see... you're naked, she's

naked, you're all

in the same bed... I

wonder what happened??

Alex: Naked twister?


>   Slowly he got out of the bed and went

>   into the bathroom to think about this and too take

a shower before he

>   panicked.


Jowy: (Darien) Panic, panic!!! Oh my god, I slept with

a girl! What do I



>   Suddenly he heard a door shut and Darien hurried

and raped a towel


(shocked silence...)


Seed: (carefully) He... raped a towel?

Jowy: O_O ...Just how does one do that...?

Alex: That poor towel! It must feel so violated!!


>   around himself and went back to the bed room.


Seed: Why would he go into his bedroom? Wouldn't he

want to see who

came into his "penthouse"?

Alex: ...*giggles* God, that whole sentence just sounds


Jowy: *groan*


>   There he saw Lita

>   looking very shocked and confused and Serena

looking aloso


Jowy: How do you look "aloso"??


>   confused

>   and very , very angry.


>   "Serena its not what you think ........" Darien



Alex: Yes it is, Serena! Don't listen to him!


>   "Dont even

>   start Darien , why couldn't you tell me that you

were sleeping with

>   Lita ?!


Jowy: Uh, because he didn't want to get killed??


>   I dont want to see your face,


Seed: Neither do we.


>   Or yours Lita , in all of my

>   life how could you do this?!"


Jowy: (Darien) Well, we didn't want to wait until you

died! That woulda




>   Cried Serena and she ran out of the room

>   crying.


Alex: That last sentence was brought to you by the

Department of

Redundancy department.

Jowy: Ah, the classics!

Seed: ^_^


>   Lita looked at Darien and blushed. " Do you know

how I got here and

>   why im in the same bed room as you are naked?


Seed: These people have the IQs of a jar of mayonaise!!

GEEZ! What does


THINK happened!?

Alex: I TOLD you, naked twister!!

Jowy: What is with you and the naked twister??

Alex: ........*Grin*


>   God please say we

>   didn't......" Lita looked at the sheets and there

she saw blood on

>   them.


Jowy: Yes, Darien had gone on a killing spree that

night, and didn't clean

up too well.

Alex: If only!


>   Darien saw the blood too and just stood there

shocked plain as

>   day. "Oh God NO.......!"


Seed: (Darien, "shocked") Oh, god!! Who let Pikachu in


Jowy: Eww.... DarienxPikachu...

Alex: AHHH!!


>   And then Lita started to cry . "LIta please

>   dont cry everything is going to be ok." Darien said

trying to calm

>   Lita down but with no success.


Jowy: (Darien) Yes, it's okay... never mind the fact

that I just had sex


a Pokemon...

Seed: *shudder* Shut UP already!


>   "Every thing ok , no its not ok


Alex: Hmmm... an "Engrish" speaker, mayhaps??


>   because you just took my virginity

>   yesterday


Alex: Oh no! She's not a Virginian anymore!?

Jowy: Errr... yeah, that's it.

Seed: *mutters about lame jokes*


>   and Serena found out what ever we did and I dont


>   remember what we did! So no Darien nothings ok."


Seed: Geez, that was the longest run on sentence EVER.

Jowy: *gives the author a sticker*


>   She said in a fury

>   while looking for her cloths.


Alex: She's going to clean the apartment?


>   "Your right Lita ,


Seed: No, *my* right!!

Jowy: No, your left!

(Jowy and Seed start a two-man brawl)

Alex: ......*watches* It's better than the fic...


>   here we can look for

>   your cloths later take some of mine


Jowy: (Darien) And clean my apartment, biatch!

Alex: *wince* Shh! You wanna get us flamed??

Seed: Heh... as long as no one "flams" us...


>   and I think that its best if you

>   just go home for now." Darien said handing Lita

some pants and a

>   shirt.


Alex: (Darien) Yep... I screw 'em and dump 'em just

like that! *snaps*


>   Lita nodded and took them and headed to the bath



Seed: (Darien) No no no, the door's THAT way!

*grumbles* Dumbass...


>   After Lita got out she said , "Darien what are we

going to do now?"


Jowy: (Darien) Damn it, woman! I told you to go home!

Seed: Maybe she's moving into his bathroom? O_o


>   "I think it is best if we didnt talk to each other

for a while." He


>   looking at the floor.


Alex: Man, this guy definately wins the Ass-Hole



>   He got dressed himself when Lita was in the

>   bathroom so he was dressed.


Seed: He was wearing a towel all this time?


>   Lita nodded and walked to the door.

>   "Lita, I dont think we used protection but if you

are pregnet


Alex: ..."Pregnet"?


>   will you tell

>   me if you are or not?" Darien asked.


Jowy: Duh, genius? She *left* already!!


>   "Yes Darien I will , I should go

>   now." And Lita walked out the door and to her

apartment sadly.


Alex: How'd she leave twice?

Seed: Dejavu...

Jowy: *GASP!* A glitch in the Matrix!!


>   *********************************


Jowy: I'm seeing stars!

Seed: The Hollywood walk of fame!

Alex: ....@_@ Wooooow! Pretty stars! *falls over*


>   Ohh cliff hanger, hehe,


Jowy: It *was*???

Seed: (sarcastic) ....Oh boy, I can see this story is

really going places.



>   well I will try to get the nexed chapter out

>   soon, I hope,


Alex: What's a "nexed" chapter??


>   Im also working on my other ones , but im kinda at a

>   point where I might wont post another one for

another week or so.


Jowy: Might wont?? Uhhh... what? O_o *confused*

Seed: Now, now... don't hurt your brain, Jowy. *pats

his head*

Jowy: ....*raspberry!*


>   PLease review and tell me what you think so far.


Jowy: It sucks! Oh, god, how it sucks!

Seed: I've seen better stuff crawl out of septic tanks.


>   Ja Ne, Jupiter Girl


Alex: Let's get outta here, guys! I got me a date with

some whiskey!

Jowy: Ugh... me too!

Seed: Count me in!

Alex: ...Whoa... the end MUST be near if you willingly

agree with Jowy.


Seed: ...Shut up.

Jowy: *sweatdrop*



Stinger: "Suddenly he heard a door shut and Darien

hurried and raped a


MSTing by: Dissolved Girl