FIC: A Broken Heart

AUTHOR OF FIC: Jupiter Girl

MST BY: Dissolved Girl

DISCLAIMER: Standard disclaimers apply.  Nothing

belongs to me, but this

MSTing, and Alex.  No offence is meant by this...

consider it a demented

form of c&c... I PLEAD INSANITY!! XD XD XD ...Enjoy!



<Jowy, Seed, and Alex are shoved into the theater>


Seating (L-R): Alex, Seed, Jowy


Jowy: O_o What did I do to deserve this??

Seed: *snorts* Luca's in a bad mood... you don't have

to deserve the

punishment he hands out.

Alex: *grumbles sleepily, hugging a white teddy bear*

...I wanna go back

to sleep...



>   OK I got thise idea and for all you Serena and

Darien fans who like to

>   see them paired up you might not like this fic.


Jowy: ...Wow.  First sentence, and I'm already confused.

Alex: Must be a new record.

Seed: He's a blonde, what do you expect?

Jowy: Hey!


>   And please dont flam

>   me


Seed: (sarcastic) Oh, okay.  Can we flame you, then?


>   I got it when I was thinking and singing a stupid

sone at the same

>   time.


Alex: (Author) Which, like, totally blew my brain cell

away! Giggle!

Jowy: What's a sone?


>   BUt I will try to make this work out as fast as I



Seed: By all means, the faster the better.

Alex: Heh... looking for a quickie, eh?

Seed: ...*glare*


>   I DONT own


Jowy: A brain?

Seed: Any worthwhile ideas?


>   Sailor Moon


Alex: *looks at Seed* Close enough?


>   and wont im just borrowing them for this fic


Seed: She's speaking in tongues! Damn it, woman!

Make some sense!!

Jowy: (a la Vagrant Story) Still thy tongue! *draws

imaginary sword*


>   but I do

>   own this fic and u cant sue me for that.


Alex: No? Well, we'll try out best...

Seed: She can keep the fic, no one else wants it.


>   Well lets get this fic on.


Jowy: Let's get it on!


>   A Broken Heart


Alex: Some duct tape and superglue will fix that right

up! ^_^


>   Prologue


Seed: Good lord, there's going to be more??


>   OK , I have a problume right now that I think you

could help me with.


Alex: Phew! What a relief... for a minute, I thought

she had a



>   But you need to hear what happend in the first



Jowy: ^_^;; No, no... that's okay!!


>   My name is Lita

>   Kino and every one thinks that I swoon over every

guy that passes by

>   me, but it is not like that.


Alex: It's not...?

Seed: This is why they call it fan fic...


>   But I guess it doesnt matter now

>   because all my friends hat me


Jowy: *muffled laugh* Do they coat you, too?

Seed: *cough/laugh* And is that top hat, perhaps?

Alex: *sweatdrop*


>   for something they thought I did but I

>   dont remember doing


Seed: Which is why you should stay away from the drinks.

Alex: (drunk) Pshaw! I'm not as think as you drunk I am!


>   and a friend and I have to pay the consoquences


Jowy: Whazzat? How much does it cost?

Seed: Only Ninety nine ninety nine!

Alex: Offer void outside of Alaska. Shipping and

handling not included.


>   that we have now .

>   Well it started on a Saterday morning.............


Jowy: Saterday... the eighth day of the week?

Seed: *shakes his head* No, that'd be Thuesday.

Alex: Or Monesday.


>   **********************************************


Alex: I haven't seen stars like that since Luca's horse

kicked me!

Seed: (mutters) ...that explains some things...

Jowy: *muffled laugh*


>   Ok I had to make it interesting so far and


Jowy: You failed miserably.


>   im still working on what

>   Chapter one is actually going to happen


Seed: Uhh... you do that.


>   so stay tuned please.


Alex: *thumbs down* No way.


>   Ja Ne,


Alex: Audios!

Jowy: Au revoir!

Seed: See ya, sucker!


>   Jupiter Girl


Seed: ...Whoa, was that it??

Alex: *peers around* Looks like it... it's all blank

space from here

on out...

Jowy: *stands up and stretches* Well, I'm going to


Alex: *hugs the teddy bear* Me too.

Seed: ...Let's just hope Luca doesn't subject us to the

rest of this




Stinger: "But I guess it doesnt matter now because all

my friends hat


MSTing by: Dissolved Girl