Karade:  *Enters the theater and takes his seat*  So what do we have today?
Shibby: All signs point to nothing good.

    >>A Sunset Productions Lemon Fic ------------------------------

Karade:  So this guy created a company to write lemons?  Freak.  And I don't mean that in a good way.

    >>Free Time A Sailor Moon Lemon Fic by HentaiKeops

Karade:  *blandly*  Joy...
Shibby: ....Wonderful...


Karade:  Virus away!


Karade:  It's a line!  Hooray for lines!  They seperate us from things!
Shibby: That one marks the point of no return!

    >>Disclaimer: This is a Lemon (Hentai/ecchi) Fic,

Karade:  Yeah, you kind of went over that before.

    >>that may be disturbing for some people,

Karade:  I'm disturbed already!

    so if you read it is at your own risk, remember that.

Karade:  Well that was poorly constructed.

    >>-------------------------------------------------------------    -----------------------------

Karade:  Yay.  Another line!
Shibby: And that's the line of good taste... which has now been crossed. -_-

    >>Usagi returned to house from school,

Karade:  So is 'house' what they call their base or something?  Or did you mean 'home.'
Shibby: All your base are belong to us!

    >>the friday afternoon...

Karade:  Not just any Friday afternoon.  THE friday afternoon.
Shibby: It will live on in infamy!!

    >>she was happy... because Mamoru invited her to his house,     because he was free (more exactly, he had a free day)

Karade:  So he's a slave most days?
Shibby: Order now and get your free Mamoru! (regular price $99.99!) It's a real deal!

    >>and wanted to do something.

Karade:  Would it be to obvious to point out that he wanted to do Usagi?
Shibby: Yes. Yes it would.

    >>Usagi grabbed her stuff

Karade:  Ahhh!  I thought she was a girl!
Shibby: Her "stuff", eh?  Well... at least they didn't say "toys"...

    >>and went out...

    >>"Bye mom!" she said happily

    >>"Bye sweetie..." answered her mother with an empty voice...

Karade:  So her mom's a zombie or something?
Shibby: What's up with that?

    >>She ran all over the street, directly

Karade:  Into traffic.  The end.
Shibby: Better than "directally"... *cough*

    >>to Mamoru's house, with happy thoughts about their rela-     tionship, but nothing naughty (unlike Mamoru...).

Karade:  *blandly again* Joy...
Shibby: Yeah, Mamoru's a real perv.

    >>Finally she arrived to Mamo-chan's home and in a rush, she
    ringed the bell "Ring Ring"

Karade:  So she actually said "ring ring" as she pushed the button?  Freak.

    >>Mamoru opened the door... and Usagi went directly into the
    couch, sitting with her legs up on the same.

Karade:  That's got to hurt, going directly into a couch.
Shibby: Whoa, so she shoved herself inside of the couch??

    >>This sight turned Mamoru on,

Karade:  Yeah, a girl sits on a couch.  That's some hot stuff there.
Shibby: Mamoru has some weird fetishes, you see.

    >>and his manhood erected...

Karade:  What did it erect?  A statue?  A building?
Shibby: Hopefully some sort of weapon we can use to destroy the fic.

    >>Usagi saw that his penis was hot, and she blushed...

Karade:  Was it on fire?
Shibby: Somebody get a hose!

    >>"Why did you c... call me?" said Usagi, thinking weird things

Karade:  *as Mamoru*  I just love how you add "..." to everything you say.
Shibby: (Mamoru) It really turns me on.  Just like when you climbed inside the couch... oooh, baby!

    >>"Well, now you know, don't you? I desire you..."

Karade:  Well parts of you at least.  Mainly your soul.
Shibby: (Mamoru) I WANT TO EAT YOUR HEART.

    >>replied Mamo-chan with mischievious tone...

Karade:  *throws mischievious tones at the screen*
Shibby: *throws her boots*

    >>"I also want you Mamo, but... Now!?" argued Usagi     embarassed...

Shibby: (Usagi) In front of all these readers!?

    >>"Yes, why wait, if we can do it now, for our first times..."
    said Mamoru tenderly, moving towards Usagi.

Karade:  Nice way to dodge the question pal.

    >>Usagi nodded to Mamoru, and quickly moved thru him.

Karade:  O_O  That HAS to hurt.  I mean, who the hell is she?  Shadowcat?
Shibby: Ewww, who's gonna clean that up??

    >>They were seeing each other, directly to the eyes, they fell     in love...

Karade:  That made so little sense.
Shibby: What is this pain?

    >>Usagi licked her low lip,

Karade:  What's a 'low lip?'
Shibby: Dude... I'm not even gonna comment on that one...

    and Mamoru's got nearer to them, until they finally kissed, and     they both felt their tongues dancing inside their mouths...

Karade:  What kind of dance?  A waltz mabye?
Shibby: Or maybe a minuet? XD

    >>When they broke

Shibby: We rejoiced!

>>the long, passionate kiss, Mamoru's hand moved to Usagi's neck,

Karade:  *darkly* And snapped it.

    >>a nice, fresh smell passed thru Mamoru's nosetrills

Karade:  *waves the "What the Hell?" flag.*  Nosetrills?  What the hell?!
Shibby: Sounds like some sorta bird.  That apparently lives in a nose.  Let us watch the elusive nose trill in its natural environment... Mamoru's nose.

    >>as he kissed from the upside neck, going down to Usagi's     bakcside.

Karade:  But...ah, nevermind.

    >>"Ma. Mamoru..." moaned Usagi with soft voice.

Karade:  Ugh.  It hurts.  Quite leaving out words!  Well, actually leave out more words.
Shibby: Whoa!! She called him MA!! That's wrong!

    >>"What?" replied her lover

    >>"I. I love you" said her,

Karade:  "This is stupid." said he.

    >>looking to his penetrating eyes

Shibby: And getting skewered.

    >>"Me too..." replied Mamo-chan, as he used her hands to     massage her back.

Karade:  He was using her hands to massage her back?
Shibby: She's got mad skills!

    >>Usagi closed her eyes, and felt Mamoru's tongue,

Shibby: (Usagi) *poke* *prod* Does this bug you? What about this?

>>teasing her earlobe, gently and hard at the same time,

Karade:  I hate this fic slowly and fastly.

    >>and by this, Usagi giggled.

Shibby: (Usagi) Teehee! Oxymorons are funny!

    >>Then he used both hands to lift her pink sweater, to reveal     her bra and silk smooth belly, and Mamoru couldn't resist     himself, so he cupped one of Usa's round breasts.

Karade:  31 words.  Now that's a run on sentence.
Shibby: See, I'm glad the author pointed out the the boobs were round. Because I was under the impression that Usagi had square ones. (/sarcasm)

    >>He could feel how the nipple was erecting

Karade:  Everything is erecting stuff in this fic!
Shibby: By the time they're done, we'll have a grand city!

    >>and then he pulled the bra off Usagi. Usagi cried by this     action... "More, gimme more!"

Karade:  Less!  Give me less!

    >>said her to Mamo... Mamoru, replying to her request, began to
    massage her nipple, first with the index finger, in soft     circular strokes and then he licked it with his warm tongue.

Karade:  What kind of fic is this?  It's kind of crap.
Shibby: It's so crap... there are no words. -_-

    >>Usagi started to blush deeply, and she asked Mamoru to remove
    his clothing, and Mamoru agreed to do so, since he wanted to
    take Usagi to a heavenly climax soon...

Karade:  Well that and he had 'hot' organs.  Whatever that means.
Shibby: *muffled snickers* Did he have a "heavenly body" too??

    >>Mamo was removing his clothing but at the same time, playing
    with Usagi's breasts, and she was presing his head to her     belly.

Karade:  *tries to get a mental picture*  I really don't think that's possible.
Shibby: Uhhh.... *tries to figure out the mechanics* Ummm.. well, they must be contortionists.

    >>Finally he was naked, but he blushed, since he was totally     nude

Shibby: Did we mention that he was naked? Devoid of clothes? Bare?

>>and Usagi still had her blue skirt, and so, he asked her to remove it, but Usagi denied,

Shibby: (Usagi) Request denied.  Please enter the correct password.

and told him that she wanted him to remove it... with the mouth.

Karade:  0____0  43 words...wow...

    >>Mamoru agreed to her proposal, and he bit the skirt edge, and
    strongly he pulled it down to the floor. Her lingerie was     tight,

Shibby: So tight that it cut off her air supply and she DIED! THE END!

>>and this excited Mamo even more,

Karade:  *reads a book*  Yeah, this is some great stuff.  Really hot.
Shibby: *falls asleep*

    and he smelled the piece of clothing before proceding to     removing it.

Karade:  Ah, it's so bad.  It brings me pain.
Shibby: *snoring*

    >>The soft scent of Usagi's pink and soft womanhood pulled     Mamoru nearer,

Karade:  It had a tractor beam.

    >>and he finally pulled the piece of lingerie down, to
    reveal the pink flower of Usagi. It was a beautiful sight, her
    tights were of the palest pink, with blonde and short hairs
    around it...

Karade:  And what color were the short hairs?  Not that I care, but since you made it clear they were some other color.
Shibby: *wakes up* Her TIGHTS were hairy!?

    >>Mamo started to smell it, and the air that he expulsed

Karade:  *once again waves the "What the Hell?" flag*  Expulsed?  I mean...expulsed?!
Shibby: I'm gonna expulse my lunch if this fic doesn't end soon...

    >>from his nose was giving Usagi some exciting goosebumps,

Shibby: I remember those books. They weren't that exciting.

>>she felt waves of energy thru her body,

Karade:  She then started flinging balls of plasma around killing them both.

    >>and then she pushed Mamoru's head to her pussy.

Shibby: Insert obligatory cat joke here.

    >>Mamoru thought that was because Usagi wanted him to lick her
    sex, and so be it he thought.

Karade:  Sounds so final.  So be it.
Shibby: Little did he know that was NOT what Usagi wanted. It was all an elaborate trap to KILL HIM!

    >>His hot and wet tonge passed her lower lips,

Karade:  What's a 'tonge'?
Shibby: Man, why is everything hot??

    >>and reached her clit, and he moved it up and down
    once inside.

Shibby: INSIDE it? Wait, what?? O_o

>>Usagi couldn't resist this, and, to help Mamoru

Karade:  Ah, too many commas!

    >>in the quest to bring her to her first orgasm,

Shibby: Quest for the orgasm?  I think I'll sit this one out.

>>she started to
    massage her nipple, now stiff and very sensitive.

    >>Finally, Usagi's body contracted, her muscles tightened, and


    >>she expulsed all her juices to Mamoru's mouth.

Karade:  All her juice are belong to Mamoru's mouth.
Shibby: Someone set up us the orgasm.

    >>He tasted the young girl, and it was very soft salty flavor,     he liked her flavor.

Shibby: So he became a cannibal. Right then and there.

    >>Then he quickly kissed Usagi in her mouth so she could taste     her inner juices, and she also liked them...

Karade:  Ewww....
Shibby: It could be worse... it could have been the Bonding Scene.

    >>It was late, and they were sleepy...

Karade: Yeah, one way oral sex sure is tiring.

    >>They hugged and kissed finally, and they slept all the night
    together... They loved so much.

Karade:  They talk like Tarzan as well.
Shibby: Ha ha! Mamoru got gyped!

    >>Usagi finally knew that Mamo-chan was her man...

    >>THE END

Karade:  Qwoooo!
Shibby: If there are any two sweeter words than that, I haven't seen them!

    >>-------------------------------------------------------------    ------------------------------------

Karade:  More lines!
Shibby: Yay!

    >>Hope you like it.

Karade:  *stomps on the hope*

    >>I enjoy writing it for you,

Karade:  I bet you did, you sick little freak.
Shibby: ...........Ew.

    >>so send comments to riel@telcel.net.ve

Karade:  Go to helk.
Shibby: ...FREEDOM!!!