*Everyone re-enters the theater with much groaning and complaining...*

Shibby: I think we should strike for longer intermissions...
Karade:  And better popcorn.

    >"Oh yeah thanks for reminding me" Cloud said while jumping up.

Shibby: (Cloud) I've been acting like an idiot, haven't I??
Lyn:  Yes you have.  Please stop.

    >He ran over to his materia sack and rummaged around inside of it for a moment.  "Here it is!" he exclaimed,

Shibby: Pulling out a gun?

    >holding out to Tifa

Shibby: A bunch of dots.  The hell??

    >The Black Materia.  Tifa's shrank back away from the evil stone instinctively for a minute then realized that it was
    basically dead now.

Shibby: Uh, riiiiight.
Karade: Uh, why do they even have that?


Shibby: Wow, what a stupid nickname. And geez, he can't handle two syllabels??
Karade:  Well, he's an idiot.  What did you expect?

    >I need someone to hold onto this for me", Cloud said

Karade:  The materia, right?

    >" I don't know what would happen if somehow I fell under the control of the Jenova inside of me,

Lyn:  *sings*  The Jenova in me, is the Jenova in you.

    >or if somehow Sephiroth again got control of my mind.

Karade:  But aren't Jenova and Sephiroth both dead?

    >So I need to be able to give this to some one."

Shibby: So he gives it to the bimbo, there's intelligence for ya!

    >Tifa shook her head,

Karade:  And other things.

    >" I don't want it Cloud.  Give it to someone else o hold.  What about Elena,

Shibby: But she's even dumber than YOU!
Lyn:  Is that possible?

    >I'm sure she ould LOOVEE to hold it for you" Tifa said in a bitter voice.  Cloud cocked his head to one side and     replied "Whats that about.  Why are you gettin mad?  Are you jealous?"

Shibby: O_o Of WHAT??
Karade:  Of getting to hold the materia...though I get the feeling we aren't talking about that anymore.

    >"You saw how she jumped on you at Junon Cloud.

Shibby: Junon Cloud? Where's that?
Karade:  Maybe it's near the Midgar Plane?

    >Your gonna fuck her

Shibby: Whoa! Where'd THAT come from??
Karade:  The pits of hell?  Like the rest of this story.

    >because your gonna get sick of me after a while.

Shibby: .....Good point.
Lyn:  I'm sick of her already.

    >Then you'll leave ma alone somewhere and go off with her."

Shibby: (Cloud) Hey! Leave my ma outta this!

    >Cloud looked up at Tifa shocked.

Shibby: (Cloud) How'd you guess??

    >"No way never.  I Love You Tifa.

Shibby: Wow, Tifa's a God now, apparantly.
Karade:  Right up there with Zeus, she's the goddess of bimbos!

    >Your my precious Teef,

Shibby: *twitch*
Karade:  I had to have a few 'teef' pulled last month.

    >how could I ever hurt you.

Shibby: With one of your many weapons.
Karade:  We would be happy to help you pick some out.

    >Elena isn't even my friend, granted she is beautiful

Shibby: Uh, we ARE talking about the same Elena here, right?

    >and granted she will probably become my friend because of the closeness in which I will work with her,

Shibby: So you ARE gonna lay her then!
Lyn:  Well this IS a lemon.  Any two characters who might have sex, will have sex.

    >but I couldn't give myself to anyone else ever.  Don't you think I coulda had a girl before you if I wanted?

Shibby: ....No.

    >I didn't wanna though.

Shibby: Riiiiiight....

    >I waited for you to come

Shibby: O_o
Karade:  *snickers*

    >back to me, I knew you would.  I Love You.

Shibby: In Random Caps.
Lyn:  Gotta Love Them.

    >Never would I hurt you Teef"

Shibby: *twitch twitch*
Lyn:  There, there....okay yeah.

    >Cloud walked over to Tifa and pulled her into himself.

Shibby: Ewww! What the hell!?
Karade:  So are they now one person or something?  Cloufa?

    >" Don't you know that me and ytou, we're one person.

Shibby: (Tifa) Uh, Cloud? You're creeping me out...
Karade:  Well I guess I was right.

    >We're one sould.

Shibby: One what now??
Karde:  I...have no idea.

    I'd absorb you

Lyn:  Ack!  Cloud's a Dragonball villan!

    >into me if I could but I can't.

Shibby: And we're all very glad, believe me!

    >We've been together in countless other generations,

Shibby: ...I am SO lost!

    >and will be together in countless more.  I'd kill myself before I hurt you."

Shibby: Please do. Better yet, I'll do it for you!
Karade:  *gets the guns*

    Tifa cried into Cloud's shoulder as he spoke.

Shibby: (Tifa) You're such a freak! *sobsob*

    >"I'm sorry Cloud.  I Love You I just thought, Oh I'm a jerk thats all.

Shibby: Yes.  You are a jerk for thinking.  Go to hell, Tifa.

    >I'm sorry.  I love you too."

Shibby: I'm sorry, too. >_< He's a dumbass.
Karade:  I'm sorry they won't quit saying they're sorry.

    >They kneeled on the bed held tightly against each other for sometime,

Shibby: Wow! Do you think you could be a little MORE vague?

    >when finally Cloud reached down for Tifa's

Shibby: AHHHH!
Lyn:  Here it comes!
Karade:  That's a poor choice of words.
Lyn:  *cough*  Uh, maybe you're right.


Shibby: Oh.

    >and brought their lips together in union.

Shibby: Their lips got married?

    >They kissed and then got up and decided that they needed to be together.

Shibby: But they ARE together!
Karade:  Well they're going to get even more together.

    >After walking for a little bit,

Shibby: Walking WHERE!? AHHHHH!!!
Karade:  In the void that is the author's mind?

    >Cloud's mischeviousness returned,

Shibby: It had taken a vacation from the crappy story.

    >and he slyly rwached

Shibby: He did what??
Karade:  He, uh...yeah.

    >down and pinched Tifa on her butt.

Shibby: Harrassment!
Lyn:  Sue him!  Sue him!

    "Hey Cloud!!! I oughta ..."

Shibby: Beat the snot out of him?

    >She swung playfully at him, but he ducked and began o sprnt

Shibby: Huh??

    >around a corner.  Tifa chased Cloud up a ladder and through a door way and up some stairs.

Shibby: Man, where the hell ARE they?? I'm really confused!
Karade:  Well they were in Cosmo Caynon.  Maybe they're running around naked there.  Freaks.

    >Finally when she looked up she had him cornered in the top room in Bugenhagen's house.

Shibby: KILL HIM!!

    >"I've got you!" she said blood rushing to her nipples and sex because of the running.

Shibby: Uhh, let me get this straight... she gets turned on by running??
Lyn:  *Screaming*  Whooooooore!

    >"No Teef."

Shibby: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *throws her boots at the screen* DIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!
Karade:  *Gets Shibby's boots.  Throws them at the screen again.*

    >Cloud replied grinning "I've got you".  He reachged

Shibby: ...We need a translator, guys.
Karade:  Yeah, a bad-ficese translator would be nice.

    >for her and pulled her down on top of him on the couch.  They kissed for a moment, then Cloud reached under her     skirt and

Shibby: (darkly) Found something that did not belong...
Karade:  Hermie!  Hermie!

    >began to caress her sex softly. "MMMM!" Tifa moaned into Clouds ear,

Shibby: Making him deaf.


Shibby: Gah!
Lyn:  *Closes her eyes*

    >and nibbling

Shibby: Wouldn't that.... hurt?

    on his neck

Shibby: Oh......VAMPIRE!!!!
Karade:  Kill the blood sucker!  Before she starts sucking other things again!

    >and ear lobe.  Her pussy throbbed with excitement as

Shibby: The rest of us were repulsed!

    she felt Cloud's palm rub around her.

Shibby: (Cloud) I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!

    >Cloud turned over and got on his knees, head between Tifa's legs.

Shibby: Please say she broke his neck...
Karade:  If only...


Shibby: (Cloud) TO DIE!
Karade:  I want a chainsaw right about now.

    >for me to return the favor for you bedroom excitement."

Shibby: But I thought he was with Tifa...
Karade:  Well they teleport around, so why not have shapeshifters as well?

    >Cloud said.  He slid her panties off and began to lick at her slit.

Shibby: *looks frantic* Do they provide us with barf bags???
Lyn:  I wish...

    >Pausing only to insert a finger to aid him.  Tifa moaned and bucked against Cloud's hand and tounge, dripping juices     into his mouth.

Shibby: Ew, she's leaking! ....EW!
Karade:  She's going down faster than the Titanic!

    >He began to tug hard at her clit

Lyn:  I really didn't need to hear that.
Shibby: It must be awfully large if he can tug on it.... >_<

    >while sliding ttwo fingers

Karade:  Again with the sttutering

    >in and out of Tifa quickly.  After about ten minutes Tifa felt a spasm shoot through her whole body,

Shibby: A seizure?
Lyn:  *chanting*  Die Tifa Die!

    >and she came in Cloud's face

Shibby: Ew, IN it??
Karade:  And he drowned.  The end.

    >and mouth.  Her body shook and her tight little anus wiggled as her pussy clutched at Cloud's finger.

Shibby: *is promptly sick*
Lyn:  This is so...wrong.

    >Her eyes shut tightly as another wave of pleasure shook her body.  The site of Tifa having a multiple orgasm

Shibby: There's a site now???
Karade:  What?  A porn site I haven't seen?!  Imposible!

    >almost tok Cloud over the edge,

Shibby: Tok? Sounds like some sorta soundeffect!
Lyn:  Too bad no one would take these two over the edge of a cliff.

    >but he controlled himself enought to lift her up and slide her down over his dick.

Shibby: Is it just me, or does this make Tifa seem like an inanimate object?
Lyn:  Ack!  The author is turing women into objects!  Sue him!

    >She slid up and down the lenght of his shaft, impaling herself on his dick

Shibby: Wow! That's an even worse way to go than the whole death by blowjob thing!
Karade:  *snicker*  Yeah it is.

    >and looked straight into Cloud's eyes the whole time.Cloud stared back at her

Shibby: And realized what a freak she was.
Karade:  *As Cloud*  I'd rather be with Red...

    >lovingly, never turning away, even when he dumped his load deep inside of her.

Shibby: This sounds really..... gross.
Lyn:  And what a 'loving' way to describe it.

    >Her beautiful breasts swayed in front of Cloud

Shibby: Hypnotizing him! heehee! (As Tifa) Loooooook into my nipples!
Lyn:  (As Tifa)  They're shiiiiny.

    >and he reached out and tugged on them and carressed them softly. Somehow Cloud managed to stay hard, even after he     shot ropes of semen into Tifa's love hole.

Shibby: Ropes of... ugh.... love hole.... losing will to keep going....
Lyn:  *Is now 100% grossed out by the story.*

    >Tifa begged for more and decided to ake control.

Shibby: How exactly does one "ake control"?
Karade:  Well...you, uh....

    >Rising off of Cloud She knelt on the couch on all fours and guided his shaft to her tight little butt.

Shibby: Launching probe.......now.
Karade:  Damn that's cold.

    >Wet and slik with her juices Cloud easily gained acess to Tifa's forbidden pleasure house.

Shibby: Is that some brothel?
Lyn:  So they've teleported again?

    >After a few strokes he felt himself coming and pulled out emptying hiss juice

Shibby: Hiss juice??? The hell?? O_o
Karade:  Is Cloud part snake?  Not that that would surprise me in THIS story.

    >onto her back and butt, where Tifa rubbed it around like lotion.  They kissed hard for a moment.

Shibby: But she still has her back to him!!
Lyn:  Teleport.

    >Then began to talk about what had happened. Their adventures, their childhood, and their future.

Shibby: ...All the horrible sex they forced us to read. >_<

    >After a few hours up in Bunhagen's compund

Shibby: EWW! They did it THERE?
Karade:  Among the stars....and old man things.

    >Cloud got off of th couch and rummaged through his clothes.  He knelt in front of Tifa, and looking into her     sparkling brown hazel eyes.  He reached up, grabbed her hand, and said . . .

Shibby: (as Cloud) You my biatch!


Shibby: Freedom!?

    >OH SHIT

Shibby: Or not. -_-
Karade:  What is this story?  I'll take the Pen Is Mighter for $200.

    >I left you fellas hangin didn't I.

Shibby: You're the one who'll be hanging!
Karade:  *Gets a rope*


Shibby: Ahh! O_o *hides under her seat*
Lyn:  Die bitch die!  *Shoots at the screen*


Lyn:  I will not!


Shibby: Stop screaming!

    >In case you didn't realize it this was the sequel to my earlier fanfic, "Their First Time".

Shibby: Like we CARE.
Lyn:  Oh, I care.  Give me your address author person and I'll come help you read it sometime...

    >What did you think.

Shibby: Going with the assumption that my thoughts should not include profanities.... I'm afraid I can't tell you what I think.
Lyn:  Me neither.


Shibby: Bring it on, punk!
Lyn:  Oh, we'll give you comments.  *Sharpens a knife*
Karade:  *backs away from Lyn*

    >ALMO1432@aol.com.  But may be not much longer.

Shibby: Agh, the sentence fragments!

    >If I change adresses I'll tell in my next lemon.

Shibby: How about.... no.


Shibby: NO!!! No Sailor Moon lemons! *whimper*
Lyn:  Argh!  Sailor Moon lemons make Lyn angry!!


Shibby: "Check I out"...??
Karade:  Best not to ask.

    >Hey check out Free-Thought anyway.  Its a great Hentai Site With Great Lemons etc.  Tell 'em Al-I-Bus sent     ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shibby: Aaaaaaaah! Freeeedom! To the bar! Must....numb....brain!
Karade:  I'll join you I think.
Lyn:  I'm going to go kill everyone with the name Al-I-Bus on the face of the Earth.