Down with conformity!!
Fen Was Here 6/26/03
Fenrir and eden* Present:
The House of MST!! ^_^

That's right! I'm back! And this time, no one can stop me! Mwahahahaha!right here.

Fenrir is the greatest person that I've ever had the honor of knowing. If you too want to worship him, then you can at the board. Message Board enjoy!

Please note that Fenrir and eden* rule and all others drool!

Whatever happened to eden* anyway?

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Gaze in wonder at the mispelling, the tiger sex, the mentioning of wayward geckos, and the fanatical authors notes of DOOM! LQ: This one's for you *snickers*

And now for something completely different!!
The Feared interlude to My Inner Life...LQ's attempt at slash.

Butterfly Songfic
MSTed by Fenrir A malon-centric LQ songfic...But of course, Jenna still gets Link in the end.

Ode to LQ Not an MST, but poetry inspired by our favourite Badfic Author

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