AN: Fenrir, Karade, Kiyone, Yosho, and Gohan are done by me. Shibby is done by my friend Lisa.

*Fenrir steps up onto the stage.* If you would give me your attention I will introduce my MST team.

*Yosho walks in with an alternative version of Kid Rock's "American Badass" playing.* Yosho: I am a Jurain Badass. You can roll with Yosho or you can suck my--

Fenrir: HEY! That will be quite enough. Next up we have Karade.

*Karade enters to Washu's Theme.* Karade: Why do I have to enter to her theme music?

Fenrir: Because it's the most annoying thing I could find. Washu herself wants it banned. "Keep the memory of the day the world was born."

*Kiyone enters to Kiyone's Theme. She has to be drug in by two robots all the while yelling something about having a restraining order against Fenrir.*

*Finally Gohan enters to the Dragonball theme. He sings along.* "Catch those Dragonballs . . ."

*From left to right Karrade, Yosho, Gohan and Kiyone take their seats.*

Yosho: So what are we going to MST?

Fenrir: Today we are going to MST "KAWAIBO!: Cute Has Learned to Kill..."

*Gohan looks nervous.* So is this one of those . . . *whispers* lemons?

Fenrir: Yes it is Gohan.

Gohan: I don't think my mom would like me reading one of those. Trunks tried to explain it one time, but I really didn't get it.

*ChiChi appears.* Gohan, you're 23 years old. It's time you grew up.

Fenrir: And with that, let the fic begin!

*A dishevelled looking chick runs in at the last minute and plunks herself down in the aisle beside the first seat* Shibby: Whoa! Am I late??


Karade: Hey yo!

Shibby: Wassuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!?

Kiyone: *Sigh* This is going to be a long fic.

>This is a parody.

Gohan: I thought this was a story.

*Karade, Yosho, and Kiyone all sigh.*

Shibby: He always this bright?

>I really don't see this EVER happening, and if you ever DO see it, please send > >me some of whatever you're on, Nani?

Shibby: Huh? "send me some of whatever you're on, what?" O_o

Kiyone: Nani? Wasn't she Link's friend? *A certain psychotic fanfic writer appears* I am Link's only friend! *LQ vanishes*

>J/K ;p Drugs are for dummies.

Yosho: *Blinks* dummies . . . right.

Shibby: Uh, of course... *hides a bong and a suspicious plastic baggie*

>Now hentai, on the other hand...

*Karade bursts out laughing*

Kiyone: No, Karade. Don't make that comment.

Karade: But, it's begging for it.

Kiyone: No.

*Shibby muffles a snicker*


Yosho: What the hell is this guy? Seven?

Shibby: ...Heyyy... I say "anyhoo"... -_-;

>I don't own these chars, O.K.?

Yosho: No it's not okay. Go away.

>BUT, the story IS mine... You can do what you want with it EXCEPT claim it as >yours.

Kiyone: DON'T you JUST hate IT when PEOPLE type LIKE this.

All: YES we DO!

Shibby: Who would WANT to claim this!?

>If you do that, I'll get Ryoko & Ayeka to @Mallet you into nothingness.

Shibby: I hate it when people "@Mallet" me into nothingness...

>That out of the way, Let's begin...

Kiyone: Let's not and say we didn't.

Gohan: Gee. You people are really mean.

Shibby: You ain't seen nothin' yet...


Karade: Before man had a face it was pretty nasty. I mean you could see the brains and everything.

Shibby: It was damned messy, too!

>Ryoko & Ayeka stood there, tied to one another against the pole.

Karade: Was it Tenchi's?

Shibby: That'd be one big pole!

Kiyone: That was disgusting.

Karade: I have not yet begun to disgust.

>As the evil aliens stood around laughing with even more henious grins on their >faces...

All: . . . .

Yosho: What does henious mean?

>"Oh, will no one help us?" Ayeka screamed piously into the air.

Karade: So is being tied up to a pole part of Ayeka's religion? Kinky.

>"Why did Tenchi & the others have to leave us all alone? Now we're at the >mercy of these alien soldiers..."

*Karade once again begins to laugh.*

Yosho as Ayeka: Oh no, what ever are we going to do. These aliens are so scary. I wonder what their going to do to us in this lemon fic?

>(Begin Rambo theme song)

Kiyone: *Shoots speakers*

Shibby: Thank you!

>Suddenly, from the water emerges a dripping Ryo-Oh-Ki.

Karade: Dripping with what?

Kiyone: It said water.

Karade: So it did. My bad.

Shibby: It had BETTER be water!!

Gohan: I don't get it.

>Around her forhead

Yosho: forhead?

Karade: Click Here!

Kiyone: It's a subliminal message.

Shibby: *snicker*

>is a red bandanna, & she is dressed in mini-fatigues.

Kiyone: I don't remember Ryo-Ohki wearing clothes.

>Also, she is holding the mother of all Machine guns.

Kiyone: Machine is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized unless it starts a sentence.

Karade: *Holds up the father of all machine guns*

Yosho: Those guns must have pretty bad genes coming from only two parents. Why, this species will die out pretty soon.

Kiyone: Thank you mister science.

>As the soldiers turn to her, she fills them full of holes.

All: What?

>Running on her hind legs, she reaches the captive women & cleaves

Shibby: There's a cleavage joke in there, I just know it...

>the ropes with a giant Machete.

Kiyone: I think we're talking about a different Ryo-Ohki. The one I know can transform into a spaceship and teleport Ayeka and Ryoko on board.

>"Ryo-Oh-Ki!" Ryoko exclaimed as both the women moved to hug the cabbit. >But She held them at bay with an outstretched paw.

Karade: Stop! In the name of love! Before you break my heart!

*Yosho beats Karade about the head and neck.*

Sibby: ...And henceforth there shall be no more singing.

>"Wha... What is it?" Ayeka asked bewilderedly.

Kiyone: And the rapid tense switches have begun!


>The Cabbit then let out a wild roar that sent shivers down their spine.

Gohan: *looks around nervously.* Loud noises are scary.

Kiyone: How the hell did you beat Cell?

Shibby: *mindless giggle* Hell...Cell...

>"Sh-sh-she said that's no longer her name..."

Yosho: They both need some speech therapy for this stuttering.

Shibby: Maybe they're just really cold.

>Ryoko began slowly, still in shock. "Then what is it?" Ayeka demanded. >"Kawaibo." was Ryoko's curt reply.

>KAWAIBO!: Cute Has Learned to Kill...

Karade: Cute learned to kill a long time ago. It's called Elmo.

Gohan: I love that show!

Yosho: What a surprise.

Shibby: Elmo, entertainer by day, assassin by night.

>By Steven Garrett E-Mail:

Karade: *Types on his computer for a few minutes.* Virus away!

Shibby: Virus, ho!

>(End credits. Fade back into story)

Shibby: Nooooooo!! Shibby wants out!!

>Kawaibo gazed up at the clouds

Shibby as Kawaibo: Hey, that one looks like a turtle!

>as she left the two bewildered women. She had more things to worry about.

>Actually, there was really one thing on her mind.

Kiyone: And let me guess what that is.

>Her little Sasami was in trouble,

Shibby: *blinks* Uh, I don't like the implications there...

>and she was the only one who could help her. As the rain began to slowly beat

>down, Kawaibo thought back to when this had all started...

All: Yay, a flashback.

>It had been a beautiful day.

Kiyone: Don't let it get away It's a beautiful day.

Everyone but Kiyone: *Stares*

Shibby: Huh? What are we lookin' at??

>The sun was shining, the birds were singing, & Ayeka & Ryoko

Yosho: Is the word "and" that hard to type?

Shibby: Yes. Yes it is.

>were actually getting along, which was a miracle in itself! Sasami & ^Cryo-Oh- >Ki

Karade: Who or what the hell is "^Cryo-oh-ki"?

Shibby: It's Ryo-Oh-Ki's twisted clone!!

>were happily playing in a clover field, enjoying the warm sun & the freedom >that, unknowing to them, would soon be stripped away...

Yosho: That's right. They were going to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

Shibby: Oh, there'll be some stripping, all right...

>The cabbit was the first to notice the felling

Shibby: Felling??

>of icy blackness that began to surround them, but by then it was too late. The >glade was quickly filled with several armed soldiers before the four females >could even react.

Karade: Four? Sasami and that new cabbit ^Cryo-Oh-Ki.

Yosho: Someone needs to learn to count.

Shibby: *sobs* I am so lost!!

>Only by hiding under a fallen branch was Ryo-Oh-Ki able to escape detection.

Karade: Okay, Ryo-Ohki, Sasami and ^Cryo-Oh-Ki. Who is the fourth person!

Shibby: Oh, wouldn't YOU like to know!

>As the three remaining women huddled together,

Kiyone: Huddled? Must be Mihoshi, as I guarantee that Ryoko, Ayeka, Washu, or I wouldn't huddle in front of a bunch of soldiers.

Shibby: ...I could twist that comment... but I'll refrain from doing so.

>a tall general broke thru

Shibby: Apparently "through" was too hard to type, too.

>the crowd & glared at them.

Gohan: It's General Blue!

Shibby: Who?

Kiyone: He's kind of cute.

Shibby: Huh?

Karade: Sorry, General Blue doesn't play for our team if you get what I'm saying.

Shibby: Eh?

Gohan: "play for our team"? So is this a game? Can I play? I want to be the race car!

Karade, Yosho and Kiyone: *Sigh*

Shibby: Wow... I am in awe of his cluelessness...

>"This one," he began, pointing to Sasami.

Shibby: (soldier) Oh... do you have it in green? Or maybe teal?

>"This is the one the master

Shibby: (suspicious) ...Is it gonna be one of THOSE fics?

>requires. Take her abord

Kiyone: You left out the second "a".

Yosho: And the explanation as to who the hell the general is talking to.

Shibby: Pfft! At this point, I don't think the readers will really care.

>the ship. The others, well... I think you men deserve a treat. Have fun, boys..."

Kiyone, Karade, and Yosho: And the lemon has begun!

Shibby: (as the Scout Master from the Simpsons) Don't be afraid to use your nails, boys!

>And with that, Sasami was seperated from the other two women

Shibby: Yes, after years of waiting, the world's only conjoined triplets were finally


>& dragged off in one direction as Ryoko & Ayeka were dragged in another.

Kiyone: So mere mortal soldiers were able to drag Ryoko off? Who the hell is this person and what did they do with the real Ryoko. You know the one that would kill them all in about ten seconds.

Yosho: At least we know who the other two were.

>After everyone had all left, Ryo-Oh-Ki quickly followed in pursuit of her >master.

Kiyone: Sasami or Ryoko? You really need to be more specific.

Shibby: No! Less details means less fic!

>On the way, she saw one of the soldiers relieving himself behind a bush.

Kiyone: Well, isn't that pleasant.

Shibby: A bush, huh? *muffled snicker*

>"Heh-heh... I can't wait untill dark..." he began with a lusty tone in his voice. >"That's when we're all going to gang rape those bitches...

All: . . .

Kiyone as Ryoko: *Rips "things" off.*

Yosho: And who the hell is this guy talking to anyway?

Shibby: A lusty tone in his voice?Hm, better get that checked out, could be serious...

>I fell

Shibby as Soldier: --Down, go boom!

>sorry for that little one, though... Compared to what the master's going to do to >her, these girls are getting off lucky! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Karade: Hey Fenrir did you write that line?

Fenrir: No, I say "Mwahahaha!" Not "Bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

Shibby: As long as you don't say "Muahahaha", you're okay...

>I think I'll start with the quiet one...

Kiyone: "quiet one"? Who the hell is he talking about. Not Ryoko or Ayeka that's for sure.

>I'll make her scream for days by the time I'm done..." Ryo-Oh-Ki had heard


Yosho: So have we. THE END!

Karade: Sadly, no.

Shibby: -_- What a downer...

>All the years of being beaten, mistreated, & yelled at came to a boil...

Kiyone: Since when has Ryo-Ohki been beaten, mistreated, and er excuse me "&" yelled at?

>There would be no more violence... None, that is, except HER violence!

Gohan: I like violence.

Yosho: Wow Gohan. That's all, "wow".

Shibby: No, it wasn't HER violence, it was MY violence! MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!

>Quietly, she picked up his

Yosho: Ryo-Ohki's a her

>rifle & creeped

Kiyone: I think you mean "crept." up behind him.

>He was so lost in his lust-addled daydreams that he didn't even notice her until >she'd pistol-whipped

*Shibby proceeds to hum "Whip It"*

>him with the butt of his own gun.

Gohan: Wouldn't it have been simpler to hit him with her own gun?

>After he had fallen, she stripped him of his clothes. Slicing off the excess

Karade: *Bursts into laughter*

Shibby: Is it just me, or does it sound like he's some sorta sandwhich meat? ...Oh god. >_

< Remind me never to speak again!

>cloth, she made it so that they would fit her & put them on.

Kiyone: Even if Ryo-Ohki is in human form she's shorter than Sasami. That's a lot of cloth to cut off.

>After gathering his weapons, she slit his throat

Yosho: Mean little Cabbit, isn't she?

>& left him in the bushes to die. *The only thing you'll be pleasuring is the >wolves...*

Shibby: O_O ...No! I draw the line at beastiality!!

Kiyone: . . . The wolves might eat him but I don't think that . . .

Gohan: Yamcha does the Wolf Fang Fist!

Kiyone, Yosho and Karade: *Shake their heads.*

>Ryo-Oh-Ki thought as she sped after her master... As she neared the master's >ship, her mind slipped back into the present.

Shibby: Musta been painful... *rimshot*

>There would be plenty of time for reminicing AFTER her lovely Sasami was >rescued from that monster.

Kiyone: STOP with THE random CAPITALIZATION!

Shibby: BUT it IS fun... JOOOOOIN uuuuus, KIIIIYYYOOOOONEEE.... *cackle*

>Creeping up behind a guard, she unsheathed her blade

Karade: *Starts laughing till Yosho hits him in the head.*

Shibby: Hermaphroditic cabbits...? *shudder*

>& punched him squarly in the back while she slit his throat.

Yosho: That's not even possible!

Shibby: ^_^ Gotta love that.

>Afterwards, she realized something that had been nagging her ever since she had >left Ryoko & Ayeka. She had grown significantly,

Karade: *Begins to wave hand.* Oh, oh, oh!

*Kiyone reaches around and slaps Karade*

Shibby: Yeah, she grew a--*stops before someone injures her* Ah...heh...

>plus she was in a humanoid form now. *Is this because of my anger, or is this >some new form of mine?* she wondered. None the less, she had a friend to >rescue. And that's when she heard it.

Yosho: The end of the story? Yes! THE END!

Shibby: Keep hoping... -_-

>A sharp pircing sound that felt like a knife being driven thru her chest & into her >heart.

Kiyone: *Blink* And what does that sound like?

Shibby: ...Let's hunt down the author and find out! *evil laugh*

>Somewhere, deep within that ship, Sasami was screaming... Sasami awoke >feeling strange.

Karade: She was screaming and then she woke up? Is that what's happening?

Yosho: I think so.

Shibby: Uhh, I'm trying NOT to think about the fic...

>That's when she noticed it: She was bound spread-eagle in the air without a >stitch of clothing.

Kiyone: *Innocently* I wonder where this is going.

Shibby: O_O Dear GOD... isn't Sasami a kid!?

>As she struggled, she heard a strange laughter. "Yes, struggle for me... Show me >just how lustful you can be before I sacrifice you to my dark lord..."

Karade: *Waves his "What The Hell?" flag.*

Shibby: *looks at Karade* You gotta tell me where you got that flag...

>The voice echoed across the chamber & sent icy shivers down her spine. "Wh- >who are you?"

Yosho: Again with the stuttering.

Shibby: She's cold! After all, she IS nekkid...

>she asked behind a growing flood of tears.

Shibby: Ahhh! She sprang a leak!!

>"Who am I, you ask? Well, let me show you..." And with that, he stepped into >the light. "No.. NO! NOT YOU!!!"

Karade: Yes, Sasami. It is I! ELMO!

Gohan: ELMO!!!!! Where?!

Shibby: You've brought ELMO into a lemon... *shudders*

>she screamed into the blackness... "Ah, but it IS me..." Tenchi said with an evil


All: *Chanting* Out of Character! Out of Character!

>I've found true power, little princess... More powerful than your pitiful Jurai >parlor tricks!

Gohan: Is he a Sayian?

Kiyone: No, I'm guessing this is another one of those "Tenchi gets a new personality"

fics. There are dozens.

>More powerful than anything! I shall be a GOD amongst you mortals, and when >you die, you'll visit MY master...

Kiyone: Again with the pointless capitalization?


Shibby: Is this dubbed or something??

>His laughter shocked her to her senses. "You-You're not Tenchi! Tenchi would >never..." "SHUT UP!!!" he screamed, smacking her into silence...

Gohan: Well that's not very nice.

Yosho: I think that's the point.

>"You know nothing about me..." Tenchi began as he began to disrobe. "You see, >in order to gain my full powers, I must sacrifice the blood of a pure virgin."

Karade as Sasami: Oh, whew. Thought I was in trouble there for a second.

Shibby: Oooh, burn... *snicker*

>And with that, he began to smile evily.

Kiyone: What does "evily" mean? Is that a little evil?

Shibby: Er... good question.

>"You-you're going to kill me?" she asked, truly frigtened for the first time in her


Shibby: YES!! KILL HER!

>"No, you misunderstand my master's wishes. He wishes to impregnate you thru >me...

Yosho: Sasami has the body of an eight year old, so that's going to be pretty hard to do.

Shibby: O_O *whimper* That's just... wrong!

>Only then can his protege be born..." And with that, he grasp her hips

Shibby: Why fic talk like Tarzan?

>& shoved into her to the hilt.

Kiyone: *Sigh* Why do all lemon writers use so many battle metaphors? "Their tongue's wrestled."

>Sasami had had undergone a lot of pain that day. Leaving her sister & her friend >in the clutches of those men, losing Ryo-Oh-Ki, and losing Tenchi to evil.

Gohan: "had had"? Is that like the can can. *Gohan stands up and begins to dance. He is quickly wrestled to the ground by the other three.*

*Shibby watches in amusement*

>But the pain she felt now as her former friend thrust into her dry canal,

Shibby: How are the boats supposed to get through if there's no water??

>moistening it with her own blood, was worse than any other pain she could >comprehend.

Gohan: This is icky.

*Shibby turns a funny shade of green*

>Faced with all the insurmoutable odds she'd been thrown during the day, she did >the only thing she knew to do... She began to scream.

Kiyone: Completely ignoring the fact that she is more powerful than Tenchi and could break those bonds with ease.

Shibby: Lemon writers tend to ignore little details like that...

>Kawaibo was now an engine of pure destruction. As she made her way thru the >ship, she slaughtered all that she saw.

Shibby: Even the inanimate objects!?

>No one would survive to tell of this day. No one!

Yosho: Not even Kawaibo and Sasami. No when she was done everyone was going to be dead.

>Finally, she made her way to the Master's chamber. As she kicked in the door, >she was shocked by what she saw. There hung her dear sasami, unconcious from >the pain.

Kiyone: Hey Tsunami. It's time to kick some Tenchi ass.

>And holding her, still thrusting into her limp body,

Shibby: *screams* NECROPHELIA!!!

>was Tenchi. Suddenly, he threw his head back

Shibby: --At "Kawaibo", knocking her back out of the room! ...Gotta love those decapitated heads...

>in orgasm as he emptied his seed into the young princess. "ENOUGH!!!" Kawaibo screamed,

Karade: Yeah, wait till he's done. Wouldn't want to be rude and interrupt

>amazed that an almost human-sounding voice emrged from her throat. "Who >dares to inurupt me?" demanded Tenchi as he drew his blood-covered organ

All: Ewwww.

Yosho: How to you fit an organ in? A small piano maybe.

Kiyone: That was lame.

Yosho: Yeah.

Shibby: ...I think I shall be ill.

>from the his young girl. "I do, you evil monster." Kawaibo screamed as she >charged towards Tenchi, firing her gun at him. As the bullets pierced his chest, >Tenchi collapsed to his knees. "How could you..." he began slowly, coughing up >blood.

Karade: Well that was quick and to the point. Good.

Yosho: So the villain is dead? Can we go now?

Shibby: Hmm... pointless sex and violence... -_- I can feel the last braincells screaming in agony.

>"I'm death." Kawaibo began. "And you're number just got called, mother


Shibby: Oh, I HATE those places where ya gotta take a number and wait forEVER until it gets called!

>"You'll never stop us!" Tenchi screamed at her.

Shibby: Never stop "us"?? Does Tenchi have a second personality?

>"I've allready inseminated her.

Kiyone: Again, she has the body of an eight year old. You can't do that.

*Shibby shudders*

>Soon, she shall bear my master's son, & the world shall belong to us!" "Well, tell your master I said, 'Fuck you!'

Shibby: Must...resist...urge to... make... Adam Sandler riff!

>when you see him in hell!" Kawaibo yelled as she emptied an entire clip into his >chest, effectivly killing him.

Yosho: You know, maybe Tenchi was possessed. It could be that you just killed him when he didn't really have any control over what he was doing.

Karade: Remember, it doesn't say Tenchi was killed. Just that he was effectively killed.

Shibby: Better than being ineffectively killed!

>Then, she ran over to Sasami & cut her down gently, caressing her tender angel >lovingly.

Karade: Well that line's disturbing.

Shibby: Noooononononono!! >_< That's not right!

>"Ah, my dear Sasami..." Kawaibo cried as she picked up her fallen friend. >"Wha..." Sasami whispered barly, just beginning to come to. "Shh...." Kawaibo >lovingly answered, laying her fingers against ^Csasami's lips.

Gohan: Is ^Csasami related to ^Cryo-Oh-Ki?

Shibby: Yes, they're cousins...

>"You're having a bad dream, but it will all be over soon.

Yosho as Kawaibo: Because I'm going to kill you just like everyone else.

Shibby: Gah, that's some nightmare! O_o;

>Just go back to sleep, my love..." But Sasami had allready drifted back into >unconciousness. *Nande Yo!* Kawaibo thought as she began to run for the >door. *I forgot about the timed charges!!!

All: Timed Charges?

Karade: Kawaibo and the author both forgot to mention those.

Shibby: Uh, yeah...

>* Running as fast as she could, Kawaibo dived thru the door and into the hallway just as the first charges began to go off. Speeding thru the ship,

Shibby: --Kawaibo was stopped by a cop and given a ticket.

>Kawaibo was followed by flames & wreckage. As she dived out the Entranceway

Kiyone: *Bangs her head against the seat in front of her.* "Entranceway" is not a proper noun!

Gohan: *Puts hand on Kiyone's shoulder.* Let it go.

Shibby: "Entranceway" isn't even a word...

>to the ship & hit the turf, the entire ship was engulfed in a huge ball of flame.

Yosho: Wave goodbye to Ayeka and Ryoko.

*Shibby cheerfully waves goodbye*

>Looking down at Sasami, Kawaibo began to cry. She had done it. Despite all >odds, she had saved her little Sasami. Then a nagging thought reached the front >of her mind. Tenchi had said that he'd 'inseminated' her...

Kiyone: But we know he couldn't so there.

>"My God!" Kawaibo yelled as she ran for the house...

Karade: Run bitch run!

Others: *Stare*

*Shibby laughs maniacally*

>Sasami came

*Karade once again burst out laughing. Yosho smacked him*

Shibby: ...*shakes her head* Man, looks like I might have competition for the title of resident perv...

>to on a bed of satin.

Shibby: Classy...

>"Wh-where am I...?" she called out, barly

Kiyone: Isn't that a type of grain?

Shibby: Looks like Sasami just woke up in the brewery.

>able to talk. "Shh..." Kawaibo cooed into her ear, stroking the hair from her >eyes.

*Shibby huddles against the seat, mumbling something that sounds suspiciously like "wrongwrongwrong!"*

>"You had a bad day today, but Washu fixed it up for you... She gave you something that will eliminate what Tenchi did to you..." "Oh Ryo-Oh- Ki!" Sasami cried as she grasp the anamorphic

Karade: Iv'e never heard Ryo-Ohki called anamorphic before. I guess it fits, but still.

Shibby: Damn fic talk like Tarzan again!!


Kiyone: Well that's a new word.

Shibby: Marvel at the lemon writer's... odd vocabulary.

>her chest. "What happened to you? and to Tenchi?" "Tenchi's dead." Kawaibo >began.

Karade as Kawaibo: I killed him with out asking any questions.

Shibby: *miffed* There's another way to kill someone...?

>"And as for me, I've 'evolved', so to speak... Ryo-Oh-Ki's no more... Now there is >only Kawaibo. At least, to the outside world, that is..." she added with a twinkle >in her eye. "What do you mean?" Sasami queried wonderingly.

Kiyone: Well that's a weird sentence.

Shibby: No more "Kawaibo"-Sasami innuendo, PLEASE!!

>"Ah, my dear princess..." Kawaibo began. "That can wait...

Shibby: Thank god...

>I have some more news for you, though. Sad as it might seem, your sister has >been called back to the Jurai kingdom to become Queen.

Yosho: Kawaibo just realized that she left Ryoko and Ayeka to die and is trying to cover.

*Shibby snickers*

>Unfortunently, your parents thought it best for you to remain after what has >happened. But don't worry, I'll allways protect you..."

Kiyone: The word you are searching for is always. One "l". That's the second time that's happened.

Shibby: No, she's going to protect Sasami in "all ways"... *rimshot*


All: What? What? What? What?

Yosho: I really hate that word.


>Sasami cried out thru the tears. "My own family's turned against me in my hour >of need?!? No!!!"

Karade: I think some major plot points are getting left out.

Shibby: *astonished* There was a PLOT??

>she screamed, running to the visiphone & calling her mother. "Mom!" she >screamed at the blank picture. "Pick up!"

Shibby: *chuckle* I think ya hafta turn it on, first.

>Finally, a youngish-looking face appeared in the screen. "Mom..." Sasami cried. >"How could you do it... I'm your daughter..." "I'm sorry," Sasami's mother began. >"But we couldn't bring you home just yet. Because of your 'condition',

Shibby: What's with the 'quotations'? Is her mother doing airquotes? ...*imagines it and laughs*

>if you were to be brought home, utter turmoil would erupt thru out the entire >kingdom. Someday, after you've healed enough,

Shibby: Translation, NEVER!

>we can bring you home... But for now, know that we will allways love you, as >will Kawaiibo,


>who rescued you from that evil monster. Know that she has been knighted as >your official body guard, & will allways be there for you. Goodbye, my daughter..."

Kiyone: I've met Sasami's mother. I don't think she could form that many coherent sentences in a row. It must be another part of Kawaibo's evil plot to hide the truth from Sasami.

Yosho: And how could Ayeka go back to Jurai if she and Ryoko were still in the hands of those soldiers?

>"Goodbye..." was all Sasami could muster before collapsing to the floor in tears.

Karade: I thought that Washu fixed Sasami's condition?

Shibby: She did. But she didn't fix Sasami's 'condition'.

>Slowly, Kawaibo let herself out. Sasami needed to collect her thoughts for >herself. Colapsing

Shibby: *blink* Huh?

>to the floor, Kawaibo allowed herself to do what her body had needed to do >from the start of all of this. She cried.

Kiyone: And where the hell were Mihoshi, Yosho, and I during all of this?

Shibby: If I were you, I'd be glad to have escaped this piece of crap.

>The End

All: YES!!!

Shibby: *wide smile* Have there ever been two sweeter words??

>************* This is intended to be a one-shot

Karade: *Bursts out laughing.*

Kiyone: You are such a pervert.

*Shibby cackles*

>but I've allready started writing the sequel...

Yosho: Oh, joy . . .

Shibby: Oh, he is SO on my death list!

>E-Mail me at with any C&C you have...

Karade: *Sends more viruses.*

Shibby: *adds him to millions of mailing lists*

>I didn't intend for it to happen this way.

Gohan: I didn't really intend to be tricked into being here.

Yosho: But it was just really easy to trick you.

Shibby: I want compensation for this torture!!

>I was going to use Kagato, & have Kawaibo morph back into cabbit- form & >'clense' Sasami,

Shibby: Again with the 'quotes'?

Gohan: Didn't he say that was the end a ways back?

>thus making them lovers in the end.

*Shibby screams in terror*

>But it just evolved into this. I plan on putting Darkened Dreams: Part 2 on the >net soon

Karade: Oh, by all means, take your time.

Shibby: O_O ...No more...


Shibby: *whistles* Wow, that's a lot o' cash!

>allready, & I'm not done yet! ;p). Also, I'm writing a story with a very talented >young lady named Sailor Mac!

Kiyone: *pulls out her gun* The sailor population must be controlled!

Shibby: The scary part is that I've heard of Sailor Mac...

>That should be out soon, as well... Finally, I'm writing two Ranma fanfics: One >hentai & one non-hentai... I think you'll like them.

All: We doubt that.

>*sighs* If you want to check out my non-hentai fanfics, please go to

All: NO!

>Anyhoo, peace & have fun!---Steve

Gohan: Screw you Steve.

Shibby: ...Ick.

Kiyone: Is that it?

Karade: I think so.

Yosho: Then what the hell are we doing still talking. Let's get the heck out of here!

*The four of them run for the door.*

Shibby: Wait for meeeeeeeee~!!! *runs after them*