*Karade, Yosho, Gohan, and Kiyone enter the theater and take their seats. Fenrir appears up on the stage.*

*Shibby runs in, out of breath and smelling suspiciously of cannabis and plunks down in the aisle beside the first seat*

Shibby: Maaaan... next time I should get here on TIME. Either that, or I'll just sit on someone. ^_^; The aisle sucks... hey, what's this on the floor...?

Fenrir: Since Gohan was so traumatized by the last fic we MSTed, the one I have today is not a lemon.

Gohan: Yay!

Shibby: GOHAN was traumatized!? What about me!?

Fenrir: Itís rated G

Gohan: Hey, my name starts with that letter!

Fenrir, Karade, Yosho, and Kiyone: *Sigh*

Shibby: -_-;

Fenrir: Well let the fic commence.

>Edís Perfect Girlfriend

Karade: A sheep?

Yosho: No, thatís your fantasy.

Shibby: ...God, no more beastiality riffs. *shudder* I'm still recovering from the idea of Sasami and a CABBIT...

>By RaichuGirl

Shibby: SHOCKING! ^^;

>I donít own Ed, Edd, Ďn Eddy or Tenchi Muyo

Kiyone: Why do all fics start out with the same exact warning?

Yosho: Has anyone ever read a fic on the net and thought, "Gee, you know I think that this is a story using original characters made up by the author."

Shibby: ...Maybe.

>so donít sue me!

Karade: *Sues author. Sues Fenrir for forcing him to MST fics.*

Shibby: *sues everyone she can for this torture*

>If you review, donít flame me.

Yosho: Too late.

Shibby: Can I just light you on fire then? Please??

>Note: Some characters may be OOC.

Kiyone: Donít worry. They always are. *Grumbled* Damn fanboys and fangirls, always putting me with Mihoshi or Tenchi.

Shibby: heh heh... sucker!

>[...] is thinking and "..." is talking

Shibby: Whoa... deep...

Gohan: Who are these people?

Yosho: Well you see Gohan . . . ah, never mind.


Gohan: Yay! A line!

Kiyone: And itís a squiggly line at that.

Shibby: Do the wave!! ^_^

>Part 1: Crash ín Burn!

Karade: Part 1? NO!!!

Yosho: That means thereís going to be multiple parts.

Shibby: ...Let the horror begin.

>So it was a normal day in the neighborhood

Kyone: Why do nine out of ten fics start out with something like, "It was a normal day."

Yosho: It was a really strange day. Blue Jello was raining from the sky.

Gohan: I love Jello!

Shibby: Woooo! Jello, the food of gods!

>when...CRASH!!! KA-BOOOOOOOM!!!

Karade: I think we need a new sound effect guy over here.

Shibby: TOGG!! WATAK! WASHOOM! ^_^

>A strange ship crash-landed in the street. Two people stepped out. Luckily, no one noticed(strange, but true.)

Yosho: So there is a huge explosion in the middle of town and no one bothers to look out the window?

Shibby: Uh...huh. Can we say, PLOT DEVICE?

>Kiyone: "Look what you did, Mihoshi! You landed, no, crash-landed in the wrong place!"[Why did I choose her for a partner?]

Kiyone: Trust me, I didnít pick here. If you believe nothing else in life, believe that.

>Mihoshi: *sniff* "I didnít mean to...WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Karade: Why do you let her pilot the Yagami?

Kiyone: She wines to her grandfather if I donít let her have a turn.

>Kiyone: "Well, itís okay. Weíll just fix it, again. Now stop crying and get to work."

Kiyone: Let her work on this ship? I donít think so.

Gohan: Bulma can fix things like that.

Yosho: Were you dropped on your head as a child?

Gohan: I donít know, I used to be smart, then Vegeta gave me some of his hair jell and well.

Shibby: Oh, THAT explains it. Ya know, I think Cloud, Vegeta, and Solon Jhee should all get together and have a battle to see whose hair is the spikiest, and can do the most damage!! XD

>So they started to work on the ship, still unnoticed(weird)but then...

Eddy: "Whoa...look at that ship!"

Kiyone: How do the natives know that the Yagami is a spaceship?

Yosho: Itís best not to question stuff like this.

>Edd: "Yes, it is completely destroyed."

Karade: If it was completely destroyed then what the hell are Kiyone and Mihoshi repairing?

Shibby: Are these guys robots!? Where's the expression in their voices?

>Ed: "Look, Eddy. There are people there."

Yosho: Well a spaceship just crashed in the middle of a town. Of course there are going to be people gathered around it.

Shibby: Naw, that'd make SENSE.

>Edd: "Theyíre fixing it, even though that is almost humanly impossible."

Karade: How do these people know this stuff?

Shibby: Cuz they're all really just alien imposters!!

>Eddy: "Stop blabbing and letís see if theyíll pay us to fix it."

Kiyone: There is no way in hell I am going to let a group of people who just wander over work on my ship.

Shibby: It's not really you, it's Bizarro-Kiyone

>Ed: "Um...buttered toast!"

Gohan: Fish!

Kiyone: Bread!

Yosho: Tomato!

Karade: Liquor!

Shibby: Woo! Sounds like we've got a party, now!

>So the Ed gang go to try and help fix the ship. That sounds bad...

Gohan: Even I know this is bad.

>Part 2: The Boys Meet the Girls!

Shibby: Part 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Kiyone: I swear if I end up screwing one of those three I am going to kill someone.

Yosho and Karade: Paranoia! Paranoia! Paranoia! There all coming to get you!

>Eddy: "Hey, will you people pay us to fix your ship?"

>Mihoshi: "Well we would, if we had some..."

>Kiyone: "Why donít you help, anyway?"

Kiyone: NO! At least Mihoshi has flown in a ship before. I am not going to let three people off of the street work on a ship that is vastly above their knowledge.

Yosho: Listen, donít question the logic. We will never get out of here.

Shibby: Logic and the fanfic are like two positively charged ions!

>Edd: "Sure that would be great!"[especially for a pretty girl like you]

Kiyone: *Grabs Eddís arm and preforms a judo toss.* Donít even think about it.

Gohan: Youíre kind of mean.

>Kiyone: "Oh, how rude of us. We havenít introduced ourselves! My name is Kiyone and this is my partner Mihoshi!"

Kiyone: I would never be that happy to introduce Mihoshi to anyone.

>Mihoshi: "Nice to meet you! Whoops..."

>She trips over nothing.

Yosho as nothing: Sorry, didnít mean to fall asleep out here.

Karade: Well that was weird.

>Eddy: "Iím Eddy, thatís Edd, and thatís Ed."

>Ed: "Gravy!"

Gohan: Apples!

Kiyone: Soup!

Yosho: Beef!

Karade: Beer!

Shibby: ...A strangely flavored party.

>Eddy: "I think Ed has found the perfect girlfriend..."

>Edd: "Nonsense, Eddy! Well, maybe youíre right..."

>Kiyone: "Well, how about we get started, like about, right now!"

Kiyone: This is so stupid.

>So they start to work, and work, and work, and work more, and keep working.

Gohan: And what did they do after that?

Shibby: No asking questions! *whaps Gohan with a rolled up newspaper*

>Part 3: "You were right, Eddy"

Yosho: At least this is the last part.

Shibby: *cheers*

>Finally, six hours and twenty minutes later...

Karade: How, nice of you to give us that detail in this sea of generalizations.

Gohan: Wow, thatís a big word.

Kiyone: Where were you when they handed out the brains?

Shibby: Musta been out takin' a whiz or something... man, is it even LEGAL to be that... er... dumb?

>Kiyone: "Whew! Weíre finally done!"

Kiyone: I canít quit putting "!" at the end of my sentences! This is really annoying!

Shibby: AHH! You're possessed!

>Mihoshi: "I guess weíll be leaving now...thanks for your help, though."

>Ed: "But I donít want you to leave."

>Ed: "Because I love you."

Yosho: He met her half a day ago and he thinks heís in love? I think we have another word for what heís feeling.

Shibby as Ed: Did I say love? No... wait... it's just gas. Sorry, my bad!

>Mihoshi: "Well then...um...I know! Kiyone can go, and Iíll get a house and weíll live together!"

Karade: Yeah, Mihoshi is really going to come up with a plan in a few seconds.

Shibby: Don't get you're hopes up.

>So Kiyone leaves(glad to be rid of Mihoshi),

Kiyone: Well that parts accurate at least.

>Mihoshi got a house(somehow),

Yosho: Oh I bet I know how she got a house.

Karade: Yeah *laughs* I bet she.

Kiyone: *Clears throat.*

Karade: Yeah, well anyway.

Shibby: I got a house too! ...No, wait... that's just a cardboard box.

>and Sarah was glad to get rid of Ed(and Jimmy moved in with her). And they both live clumsily ever after!

Karade: How sappy.

Yosho: You mean crappy.

Shibby: Same thing.

>Ed and Mihoshi: "Buttered toast!"

Kiyone: Chocolate!

Yosho: Hamburger!

Gohan: Eggs!

Karade: Wine!

Shibby: ...Well, as long as there's alcohol involved, I'm in!


All: Yes!

Shibby: Ah, "The End", how I love thee... let me count the ways...

>So, how did you like it?

Karade: We didnít.

Shibby: It sucked! >_<

>I needed a break from my Cool Dog series, so I wrote this!

Kiyone: I see now why I ended up with almost every sentence ending with "!"

>It crashed into my head

Yosho: That must have hurt.

Shibby as random audience member: Booo! Get off the stage!

>while writing A Summer Vacation Gone Wrong.

Karade: Well something went wrong here also.

Shibby: Horribly, horribly wrong...

>A nice short story to ease the mind.

Karade: Yeah, it took away the pain, like a bullet to the brain.

Kiyone: *Levels gun at Karade* You did not just sing Ricky Martin in my presence.

Karade: Umm, no?

Kiyone: Good.

Shibby: ....Ricky Martin must die.

>Hey, I wonder what this would be like if it were an episode!?

Kiyone: Gee, I donít know!?!?!?!?!?!!

Shibby: Whoa, Kiyone! You're gonna use up the world's supply of "?" and "!"...!!!!!!! (heh heh)

>Pretty cool, right?

All: NO!

>This is RaichuGirl, signing off!

All: *Run for the door as it is unlocked.*

Shibby: *goes to sleep under the seats in the theater*