Erienna: *drags Shibby into the theater, steps onto the stage* Well... today it was my turn to find the Badfic, and boy did I find one! *grins* Enjoy it, everyone.... *cackles*

Fenrir: *The other MSTers enter.* Okay people. Today we have another fic for you all to MST. It involves a girl with green hair and a girl with blond hair--. *Is cut off.*

Kiyone: What! *Levels her gun at the stage.* I remember specifically telling you that--

Fenrir: *Holds up hands cutting Kiyone off.* I didn't say it was you and her you paranoia nut.

Kiyone: Oh, *tilts head and smiles.* then by all means carry on.

Karade: Or better yet, don't and just let us all leave.

Shibby: ...Why me?? *plunks down in her seat*

>title: terra and celes' love

Shibby: Love Shack?

Karade: *Begins to sing* Love Shack baby, bay-bee *He is quickly subdued.*

Shibby: *quietly hums the rest of the tune*

Kiyone: Is the shift key that hard to hit?


Shibby: It's Final Fantasy SIX, thankyouverymuch!

Kiyone: This is clearly someone who dosen't even know the series.


Shibby: *perks up* We get booze for this??

Karade: Draft? *Runs for Canada.* Wait for me Bill!


Shibby: This fic SUCKS... don't read it!

Kiyone as author: This fic is going to suck. Don't sue me. Blah, blah, blah.

>yeah, these arenít my characters,

Shibby: And Squaresoft fans everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.

>this isnt my setting,

Shibby: It's MINE! XD

>and im not getting paid.

Shibby: Gee, I wonder why?

Yosho: Neither are we.

Karade: We ain't getting paid or laid.

Shibby: *is about to say something* Well--ah, no... I'd better just keep my mouth shut. Heh...

>so no one sue me,

Shibby: *sues the author for causing her undue mental pain*

>and if you dont like the following story, dont read it.

All: *Get up to leave. Are forced to sit back down.*

Shibby: In all practicaility, that's pretty dumb. I mean, generally a person won't know if they like something until they read it.

>also dont read it unless your 18 or older,

Shibby: Too bad it doesn't matter how old we are... >_<

Karade: I'm only twelve so I have to go. *Gets up to leave. Fenrir reminds him that he is twenty six and the guards drag him back.*

>or you dont give a damn about the law...

Shibby: *grins*

Kiyone: Don't give a damn about the law? Why as a GP officer I am offended by your lack of respect and furthermore. . . *She goes on for sometime.*

>oh, wait, just the 18 year old part.umm, for critizism,

Shibby: The hell?

Karade: I had hoped not to have to bring this out this early. *Waves the "What The Hell?" flag.*

>emial me.

Shibby: *confused* Emial?? Whazzat?

>or for whatever email me. im lonely, cant you tell?

Shibby: Yeah, since you're writing crap like this...

Karade: And you decide to write lemons when you are lonely?

All: Ewwww.

>terra and celes' love

Shibby: No caps in the names, or title... we're in for a tough time, guys.

>terra smiled back at celes, placing her hand on her cheek.

Shibby: (darkly) She then proceeded to rip Celes' face off. The end.

Karade: Which cheek?

Kiyone: Don't encourage the author.

>she relished

Shibby: Did she mustard, too?

>the feel of her smooth face looking down at her own.

Gohan: Huh? Is she looking in a mirror.

Kiyone: She's as bad as Tenchi in that one fic.

she loved every part of celes, her blonde hair, her large,

Shibby: Her large??

>dark nippels,

Shibby: What the hell are "nippels"??

>her fluffy little patch of pubic hair, the curves of her hips, down to her slender toes. they both sighed as they caught their breath. "making love to you is hard work, love"

Shibby: That message brought to you by the Department of Redundancy


Karade: Well then you must be doing it wrong.

Yosho: Yeah, like you'd know.

Karade: Hey!

Shibby: *snickers*

>terra whispered. they had been making love for hours.

Shibby: Ahh ha ha...?? That's... not bloody likely.

>celes' smile widened.

Kiyone: It got so wide that it burst killing her.

Shibby: And there was much rejoicing!

All: Huzzah!

>she had been having an affair with terra for well on three months now, and her husband was none the warer.

Shibby: None the warer?

Karade as I'm assuming Locke: Yup, me not warer.

>but why would he be?

Shibby: I don't know. I could understand him being none the wiser... but, none the warer?

Kiyone: Well maybe the fact that his wife and Terra vanish for hours at a time.

>after the fall of kefka,

Shibby: Kefka... O_o; The one reason to REALLY fear clowns!

>the world had to be rebuilt, almost from the ground up.

Shibby: As opposed to from the sky down?

Karade as Kefka: What? You people didn't like the remodeling job I did?

>and he had takin quite the role in leading that. everything had changed...even her choice in bed-partners.

Shibby: Yeah, apparently.

>celes looked over terra's small breasts.

Kiyone: Hello over there.

>they had pink nipples, small as a gold coin.

Shibby: Um, EXCUSE me?? SMALL as a gold coin??? Gold coins are rather

large, aren't they??

Yosho: I would just like to point out that coins can come in all sizes.

Shibby: Thank you, Mr. know-it-all...

>they were her favorite thing to suck on,

Shibby: ....*holds up a sign reading "no comment"*

Karade: Thanks for sharing there Celes.

>and terra loved it. of course, she loved to bury her face in terra's

Shibby: Uh oh...

Yosho: In the water just killing her self and ending the fic? Yes!

>light green pubic hair as well,

Shibby: GREEN!? Holy *censored*!!

>but sucking those little pink nubs just sent off rockets for both women.

Shibby: *dodges a rocket* Hey, watch it!

Gohan: Look! Fireworks!

Shibby: *mutters* Not yet, anyway...

>she grabed terra's firm butt as she replied. "are you complaing?

Shibby as Terra: Yes.

>we can always call this thing off, you know."

All praying: Please do.

>terra laughed and lent in to kiss her sweet lips,

Shibby: She's... quite the contortionist if she can do that... O_o;;;

>which still had the taste of her own sex on them,

Shibby: ...That just really disturbs me when you read the previous

sentence... and actually think about what "lips" it sounds like she's kissing.... o_x

Gohan: Icky

>when they heard the door open. "he's home!" celes whispered

Kiyone: How do you whisper and use a "!" at the same time?

>as she threw terra out of bed.

Shibby: Ha! What a diss!

>her husband was not the kind of man you would want to tell you were having an affair to.

Shibby: And there are husbands that you WOULD want to tell that to?

>a week later, at figaro castle, celes dropped in on terra.

Shibby: *wince* That musta hurt...

Karade as Terra: We really have to get that hole in the roof fixed.

>terra had her own office,

Shibby: *slyly* An... Oval Office?

>and she was in charge of organizing personal accounts and dairies

Shibby: She's organizing DAIRIES??? ...Moo.

>for a huge novel about magic.

Shibby: Magic and cows.

Karade: Puff the magic cow, lived by the barn.

>they didnt want future generations forgetting about such an important thing.

"hey, are you busy?" she asked, peeking around the door-way. celes smiled, "not for you. what do you need?" celes replied, knowing full well the answer.

Shibby: (deadpan) Gee. I can hardly wait.

*Speakers begin to play porno music.*

>terra just mocked frustration

Shibby as Terra: I mock you, frustration! Ha!

Yosho as frustration: *Cries.*

>as she closed the door behind her. both women laughed. she leaned back agisnt

Shibby: Agisnt... I wonder what that means?

>the door. "you always have to make me say it, dont you?" terra asked.

"but of course!" "fine, you know i want your body,

Shibby: To sell!!

Karade: I'll bid a nickle!

Yosho: A nickle and a penny!

>you know i want to taste you,

Shibby: *shrieks* CANNIBAL!!

Yosho: *Gets out a fork and some salt.* Supper. . .

>why do i always have to say it?" "BECAUSE, now just say it, im dripping wet here!"

Shibby: *feigns innocence* Did someone dump a bucket of water on her?

Gohan: That's not a nice thing to do.

>"ok, ok....celes, i love you from the bottom of my heart, and i want to prove that love through our bodies... there, happy?"

Shibby as Celes: No.

Kiyone as Celes: You know the price though? 400 GP a time.

>celes beamed with joy.

Shibby: *ducks the "beams"* DEATH RAYS!!!

>she always made terra repeat her first statement of love everytime they shared each other. celes moved over to terra as terra rose from her chair. the met halfway, and slid into a deep kiss.

Shibby: Yikes... that sounds scary...

Yosho: Yes.

>celes began rubbing her lovers body through her clothing, already she could feel erra's nipples through her shirt.

Shibby: Well, DUH. It's not like she would feel Terra's nipples through

her SHOES or something...

Karade: Unless we remember that Terra is only half human. Maybe Espers keep them somewhere else.

>they moved back toward the desk, pushing aside papers and whatnot to make oom.

Shibby: The nipples did that!?

Yosho: They must be pretty strong.

Shibby as Hanz/Nipples: (bad German accent) We will pump *clap* you up!

>terra hopped up on the desk.celes spread her legs and raised her long dress up to her waist, exposing her lovers pussy.

Shibby: Meow, baby.

Gohan: Oh look! It's a little kitty cat. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

>celes jaw dropped.

Shibby: Onto the floor, revealing her to be a zombie!

>she looked up at terra and asked, "when the hell did you do that?!"

Shibby: She got a sex change?

>terra beamed, "this morning, in the bath!

Shibby: Whoa! In the BATH!? ...It was a do it yourself kit, eh?

Karade: Well that's disturbing.

Shibby: ^_^ What can I say? I try my best!

>it was easy, and ive been daydreaming of showing you all day! touch it!"

Shibby: Eww... this all seems so... wrong.

>celes reached out her hand to touch the clean-shaven pussy.

Shibby: Okay, who shaved the cat?

Kiyone: Cause that isn't cool. The cats need their fur to stay warm in the Winter.

>she found it amazingly smooth to the touch.

Shibby: Naw, really?

>"do you like it?" terra asked.

Shibby: No. We don't.

Yosho as Celes: *Slaps Terra* No bitch! What did I tell you about doing stuff with out my permision?

Shibby: *sweatdrops*

>celes replied by moving down and kissing the area where terra had had pubic hair not to long ago. it was smooth like down feathers on her lips,

Shibby: Natch! It WAS feathers!!

>and she knew they would be making love for hours.

Shibby: *laughs* Yeah, right... suuuuuure.

Karade: No one's going to notice that Terra's office is closed for hours? Where the hell can I get a job like that?

>"we'd best lock the door, love" she suggested.

Shibby as Celes: And throw away the key! Ahh hahahahahahaaa~!

Kiyone: A few weeks later they starved to death.

>terra looked at her with a sheepish grin,

Shibby as Terra: Baaaaa!

>"um, better not, i, uh, have to go."

Karade: To the bathroom?

Shibby: And do what? You're writing a book about magical cows, for cripes sake!

>"WHAT?!" celes replied, with her mouth still around terra's mound.

Shibby: How can she shout while she...?

>"yeah, well, duty calls....and, um, stop that, ohhh, i cant, uh,

Shibby as Terra: Uhh... line!

>concentrate......stop...dont stop...oh, please dont stop love..."

Yosho in response to the last line.* Damn . . . it's . . . cold . . . in here.

>celes licked terras clit for all she was worth.

Shibby: And seeing as she was a ten cent whore...

Karade: *High fives Shibby* Burn!

>she shook her head back and forth slapping the swollen clit with her tongue.

Shibby: Sounds violent...

>she licked it up and down, left, right, sucked, shaked,

Shibby: Ha... what? ^^;; That's not... you couldn't... Ahhh!

Gohan: You put your left foot in and you shake it all about. And that's what it's all about.

Shibby: O.o;; Ewww.... Gohan, that's just... ew.

>and then brought up a finger.

Shibby: O_O *shocked* She found a FINGER in there!?

Karade: And it had been there a while. It was half rotted away.

Shibby: Ahhh!!! You're only making the fic worse!! *thwaps Karade*

>she began kissing and licking the newlyshaved area as she slid a finger into her lover. terra bucked at the insertion, and moaned deeply while she pulled the top of her dress down, to play with her nipples. celes knew terra had been playing with herslef all day,

Shibby: What's this mysterious herslef?

Kiyone: That dirty little hussy. Cheating on Celes.

>in anticipation of this moment, and was already close to orgasim.

Shibby: Orgasim? Apparently the author was "hooked on foniks".... XD

Gohan: hucked on foniks wokd fer mi!

>so she backed off,

Shibby: Slowly, then ran like hell!

Kiyone: If only we could run like hell.

>looking at terra's pussy from a wider angle. terra smiled, and slid the rest of her clothing off. she sat on the desk, completly naked,

Shibby: Which makes sense, since she took off all her clothes.

>showing herslef to her lover.

Shibby: Herslef is back again.

Karade: So is this a three way or something?

Shibby: ...Kinky.

>celes, grinned. "i like it. later, i want you to shave mine!" celes ended her statement,

Shibby: And we were all VERY thankful to see it end.

Gohan: *Waves goodbye to the statement.*

>by pulling the draw-string on the back of her blouse. she shrugged it off, exposing her huge brown nippels.

Shibby: But strangely, no breasts.

Yosho: Oh where oh where have they gone?

Shibby: (singing) Oh where oh where, has her little breast gone? Oh where oh where could it beeeee~?

>terra started rubbing her clit slowly, looking over celes' body. celes then stepped out of her shoes, and stretched up to the ceiling,

Shibby: Gumby IS Celes IN "terra and celes' love"!!

Karade: That sounds like a great movie. Oh wait, no it dosen't.

>showing off the high archs of her sexy feet. she then un-did the sraw to her dress,

Shibby: Sraw? Is that like a straw?

Kiyone: Most lemons break down the further the author gets into them.

Karade: And you don't want to know why.

Shibby: I could type better with one hand. Uh, tied behind my back that is. *sweatdrop*

>and let that fall to the floor to. she knew she had to hurry, before terra got herslef off.

Shibby: Okay, so from what I gather, this mysterious "herslef" has Terra

pinned to the desk...

>"lack back love,

Shibby: Huh???

Kiyone: She has no back?

>and let me make love to you" celes said. terra complied, laying back on the desk, spreding her legs. her cunt throbbed, and was dripping everywhere.

Shibby: Okay, ew. And they make it sound like she has a... *trails off*

Maybe she DID get a sex change. O_o

>celes climbed onto the desk, placing her self pussy to pussy

Shibby: Meow, meow?

Yosho: *Points to an anti-kitty porn web site.*

>with terra. she lowered herself down to where she could hump her friends clit with her own.

Shibby: *groan* You'd think the author would at least try to make it


>this was theyre favorite positition.

Shibby: Thanks for sharing. O_o

>they saved it for special occasions, or quickies

Yosho: So basicly all the time.

>when they knew they had no time. she began slowly rubbing herslef aginst her lovers sex, moving slow, letting the friction build.

Shibby: Until they caught on FIRE!

>terra moaned and bucked back uncontrollably.

Shibby: She's possessed!!

Karade as Terra: I've come to claim your soul mortal!

Kiyone: We just can't go one MST with out someone making a joke like that.

>celes picked up speed, rubbing harder, faster, and her pussy turned into fire.

Shibby: Mah GAWD! O_o;; That's.... wrong!!!

Yosho: She and Terra burnt to death. THE END!

>they roared

Shibby: Are they lions?

>aginst each other, humping, grinding, in mad need for release. terra moaned "im cumming, im cunmming,

Shibby: She's "cunmming", huh?

>oh yes, ohhhh, god, yes"

Shibby: (blandly) Such enthusiasm...

>celes started sucking terras

Kiyone: Well I guess that confirms the sex change.

>nipples, pinching them with her teeth, multiplying terra's orgasm.

Shibby: *whips out a calculator* All right, then... let's see... multiply the orgasm...

Karade: Don't to forget to divide by the coefficient.

Shibby: .....*throws calculator over her shoulder* I knew there was a reason I hate math!

>as she felt her pussy quake and flood,

Shibby: There sure are a lot of natural disasters down south.

>she too began to orgasim,

Shibby: But she didn't orgasm.

>adding to the puddle of sex juice

Shibby: The juice is loose!!

Kiyone as Terra: Damnit! There goes all of my papers.

>they were making. they both shaked

Shibby: And baked?

>and held each other as the pleasure subsided. "that was fantastic" they both said at once.

Shibby: No it wasn't.

Yosho: It acctually out and out sucked.

>"quite." shadow said.

Karade: So Shadow likes to watch?

Shibby: O_O What!!?? No!! Nooooo.... they can't drag a cool character into this CRAP!! >_< I'll sue!!

Kiyone: If only we could.

>also if you want to help me write this

Shibby: Hell no! Drunken monkies could do a better job than you!

Karade: *Evil Grin* Oh, we'll help you write it. Why don't you give us your home address and we'll all be right over.

>or have some ideas,

Shibby: Yeah, take this fanfic and shove it, buddy!

>email me. all people who help will be listed.

Shibby: The poor bastards... hey, I... I think it's over!!!

Kiyone: Then let's get the hell out of here!