Round three, or `my-first-midterm-is-tomorrow-AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!' As before, all of these are true. Relax, university is only like this most of the time.

Exam Stress: A New Semester or Here We Go Again


Your New Years resolution was to convince the rest of the people on your floor that you crazy. This will not be hard, because the people who saw you during the previous finals week are already convinced.

Your second day of classes, you are told that you have your first midterm in 28 days.

And a day after you discover when your first midterm is you discover that you have an essay due the day before the midterm.

And the day before that you have to have read a 400 page novel.

Relax! It can only get worse from here!

You were happy to get back to your dorm. (I don't know why.)

You dance for joy (in the middle of a crowded hallway) when you discover that your (
8am) labs start a week later than you thought they did.

You know it's going to be a rough semester when on the first day of classes your alarm goes off for 43 minutes before you wake up. Leaving you a grand total of 17 minutes to get up and get to your first class.

What? You mean you wanted your professors to speak english? You've got to be kidding.

You only need to buy one textbook, but it's the one that is sold out at the used bookstore, and costs waaayyyy too much at the regular bookstore.

People who know you laugh when you tell them that your half of your dorm room is tidy.

Caf food has ruined your taste buds.

Caf food has ruined your appetite and you've only been eating it for two days.

You have
four 8am labs, you are starting to wonder if sleep is really necessary.

The thing you are looking forward to in Calculus class is the end of the semester.

I'm going into animal sciences. Why are they forcing me to take math?

Prediction: Sleep will no longer be a priority.

Is it possible to plead insanity if you don't manage to hand in that assignment?

I don't know, it's only the first week of classes and I'm already as tired as I was at the end of last semester. Maybe I should learn to stand the taste of coffee.

`Laughter': that thing that happens when you are too tired to care anymore.

You are looking for your microwave popcorn on your shelf and you move your microwave popcorn twice without finding it.

To demonstrate a point your professor climbs on top of a large desk and jumps off it. And your professor is 60 years old.

Chemistry has explained to me why my room is so messy. You see, things like to be at the lowest energy level they can (in my case, the floor) and the highest entropy level (entropy = chaos or randomness). Therefore it is perfectly normal for it to be impossible to walk on my side of the room.

That's all for now folks! I'm now off to cram for my midterm tomorrow. Please feel free to leave a review so that I do not have to make you eat the same caf food that I have to. ^-^;