I can't believe it! I got a request for MORE of these crazy things…The even scarier part is that all of the items on this list are true and I am pretty sure they have all happened to me, unfortunately I am loosing track of my brain right now so I have sort of lost track of the real world. If anyone finds it could they please send it too me? Thanks. Now on with the show.

Exam Stress: Could someone please pass me my brain.?


You start laughing right in the middle of a cyclohexane, for no reason at all, and your roommate is beginning to suspect that you are nuts.

I swear, if I have to memorize one more acronym my brains are going to leak out my ears in an attempt to run away!

You fall asleep, sitting up.

You fall asleep, but luckily you miss that plate full of caf food and manage to land on your textbook…maybe some of it will sink in.

Over the last four days you have had to increase the volume of your alarm clock to the point where people at the end of your hall hear it, just so it actually wakes you up.

Your train of thought just ran away screaming.

You are starting to fantasize about real food…potatoes WITHOUT unidentifiable lumps and meat that is edible.

Your sense of humor has twisted to the point that the only thing that can make you laugh is Monty Python or Rowan Atkinson.

Stress relief is also known as hurling yourself into a snow-bank just because it is there and you are no longer in your right mind.

Falling asleep sitting up is becoming commonplace.

You are seeing double and you have to really concentrating to read the numbers on your clock.

Once you start laughing it is almost impossible to stop.

Your room can safely be considered tidy if you can see more than one square inch of desk space and you can get out of your chair without stepping on anything breakable.

'Night': the period of time in which anyone not a university student is safely in bed.

You begin to wonder if someone could maybe invent a glue that will make those damn chemical formulas stick in your head for the next 96 hours.

'Sleep'. Heh. I've got one word for you. HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! You've gotta be kidding me.

You have discovered a new cure for insomnia. Your economics textbook. The damn thing could put ANYONE to sleep.

The only thing keeping me going is the thought of Winter Break.

A psychologist could have a field day with the people living on you floor of the dorm. And I’d be pretty near the front of the line.

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