Well, since FF.net has decided that lists will be vanished, I had to find a new home for my poor lists. I was lucky enough to have a friend willing to add my lists to her website! THANKS Bold Font!!!!! You da BEST!

Soooo….this list is something I came up with as a survival response to my first round of exams in my university career…All of these are true observations, which is a bit scary in retrospect…oh well!


Exam Stress: Signs that it is going too far

You try to use your discman as a calculator

The characters in your head start writing their own stories

The 'set' 24 hour schedule that the real world follows (get up in the 'morning' go to bed at 'night') no longer applies to you. You are more likely to go to bed at 8am than you are to get up at 8am.

You haven't been outside in a week

You decide that you REALLY should do that laundry, before it gets up and starts terrorizing small animals.

Pizza IS a healthy meal; you get all of the four food groups: fat, grease, burnt meat, and cheese.

You start to wonder what the other people in the study hall would look like if they were all monkeys.

You don't own a single pen or pencil that has not been chewed on.

Bow down and worship JUNK FOOD!

Although you don't drink coffee, and you don't like taking pills, you are starting to wonder where you could find some caffeine pills.

There just aren't enough hours in a day.

One week and you can go home… one week and you can go home….one week and you can go home.

Which is worse? Someone staring at their fingernail for ten minutes, or sitting there watching someone stare at their fingernail for ten minutes?

An arts degree is looking better and better.

You have memorized so many acronyms for your organic chemistry class that you have forgotten your phone number. (There's only so much storage capacity in one brain)

It takes three tries to hit the right button in the elevator.

If someone could find a way to transform nervous energy directly into electrical energy they could make a fortune from your dorm.

Jokes about procrastination are no longer funny.

You see more people between the hours of 2 and 5am then you do during the 'day'

You want to go back to kindergarten, because finger-painting is so much fun.

It's a record! You've only walked into three doors today!

Your definition of 'morning': any time 4 hours after you get out of bed.

Your definition of 'night': it's time to turn on the lights because you can no longer read your textbook.

The previous two points are often in conflict.

Did you just bite through that pencil?

The funniest thing you have seen in two weeks is a completely pissed drunk guy trying to sing 'A Modern Major General'

You've been sitting in one place for so long that you don't think your legs work anymore.

Skipping down the hall giggling like crazy is COMPLETELY normal.why are you looking at me like that?

You can't decide whether to laugh your ass off or burst into tears, then you do both.



More to come later!

Reviews are craved almost more than an end to exams!