MSTer's comments: Blah
MSTer's comments: Blah... ^_^;; I know it's not my best work, but I had
fun, gosh durnit!! No intro/end segments because this is so short. ^_^;;
MSTing by Dissolved Girl
Disclaimer: No offence is meant to the author.  It's just a cynical form
of C&C! And... I obviously didn't write the fic being MSTed. *lol*
<Jowy, Seed, and Alex are shoved into the theater>
Jowy: I'm missing lunch for this... *grumbles*
Seed: And the rest of us don't have better things to do?
Alex: Wonder what this one is about, anyway?
Jowy: *gulp* I think we're about to find out...
<The lights dim, and the torture begins!>
>   {This is my first Sukioden fic. I don't own anyone, just myself. There
>   is YAOI in it, but they are just kissing. I hope you enjoy it.}
All: ....................
Alex: ...What is this pain? ><
>   KEY
Seed: Something you use to unlock a door.
>   **sounds**
Jowy: Something you hear.
>   [my thoughts]
Alex: Something that's non existant!
>   ~~rune bonds~~ This is for me and the 2 heros; we bear 3 of the 24
>   True Runes.
All: ....
Jowy: Waaaait just a minute, here... aren't we forgetting someone??
Seed: Heh... count yourself lucky if you're not included in this!
>   My Suikoden Adventure
Alex: -_- Something that should not be.
>   Prologue
>   By: DxInsider
Jowy: The man with the plan?
Seed: Bah! Unlikely!
>   Hello my name is Jen and I get sucked
Seed: *snickers*
Alex: ...Perv.... heh.
>   into video games.
Jowy: What's that have to do with us??
Alex: (to Seed) You mean no one's told him...?
Seed: (frantic) Shhhh!!! You wanna break his brain??
Jowy: What?
>   But you're all
>   thinking that,
Jowy: Thinking what?
Seed: That.  Weren't you listening??
>   I'm crazy;
Seed: Thanks for telling us, but we already knew.
>   well honey I am crazy but I'm not lying.
Alex: Oh, please, tell me another one!
Jowy: Getting bitter in your old age? *grin*
Alex: *grumble* ....Yes.
>   The
>   first time I was pulled into a game was Final Fantasy 8; it was so
>   awesome. But I'm not going to get into that,
Seed: Thank god!
Alex: Praise the lord, we've been SPARED!
>   I'm here to tell you
>   about my Suikoden adventure.
Jowy: ...Not quite, Alex.
>   Let me tell you something, I found out
>   that what the stuff people write on the Yaoi Suikoden mailing list is
>   true;
Seed: I beg your pardon??
>   there is yaoi in Suikoden.
Jowy: O_o;;; ...oooookay, then.
>   But for some crazy reason the story
>   changed when I got zapped in, now I got the Black Sword Rune, Jowy is
>   dead
Jowy: ....!!!!! O_O
Seed: o_O Hey! She can't just go around killing off people like that!!
Alex: ...*sly grin* Not your Jowy, right?
Seed: That's right, not my--hey!! Shut up, Alex:
Alex: *snickers*
Jowy: -_- ...I can't be dead...
>   and that bastard Luca Blight is still alive. Well lets get on
>   with the tale, I'm going to skip the parts where I'm pulled in and
Seed: Therefore escape having to explain this major plot device?
>   just get on with me meeting a dying Jowy Blight.
Jowy: *whimper*
Seed: *sweatdrop* Jowy, calm down... you're not REALLY dying.
Jowy: That's easy for YOU to say!!
>   Words from me, The
Alex: Moron?
>   Author-
Alex: Close enough.
>   Ok it's short, so sue me.
Jowy: I WILL sue you, for murdering me!!!
>   I'm working on Ch
Seed: Chocolate pudding?
Alex: Choking yourself?
Jowy: Charioteering?
>   1 right now. You will enjoy it.
Seed: Don't tell ME what to do, ya low life son of a--
Alex: HEY! It's over! *jumps out of his seat*
Jowy: *crosses his arms, looking disgruntled* Who's this author to think
she can just kill me off? I demand answers!!
Seed: *groans* Get over it, Atreides...
<Jowy mutters angry things under his breath as the three leave the
STINGER: "Let me tell you something, I found out that what the stuff
people write on the Yaoi Suikoden mailing list is true; there is yaoi in