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(MSTers: Charity, Santana, DA, and Rinoa)

*The MSTers of the day walk into the theater and take their seats. The lights dim and the torture--er, fanfic, begins*

>Tile:Vegeta & Bulma's honeymoon

Charity: A honeymoon... how totally predictable.
DA: Huh? Wha? Oh, right, the fic! ^_^;
Santana: I wasn't aware that fics has "tiles"...

>Name:SSJ3 Trunks

Santana: Trunks is writing lemons now...?
Rinoa: Yup... well, the world has gone crazy.

>Do not read this if you are underage even though we know you will if you are.

Charity: A warning.... everything is predictable!
DA: *edges away a bit*
Santana: Ummm... I'm not underage, but I DON'T want to read this.
Rinoa: *rolls eyes* Babies.

>It is the honeymoon of Vegeta and Bulma,they where merried

DA: Ahem... merried??
Charity: This kid can't spell...
Santana: Heh... Rinoa, are you "merried" yet?
Rinoa: Nope... >:-p

>earlier today and
>are eagerly awaiting to

Santana: Try out that new waterbed! ^_~
Charity: Try out the food!!
DA: Mmmm.... fooood... *drools all over da place*

>make love.

Santana: Uh, yeah. That was my next guess. Honest!
DA: Well... you weren't too far off.
Charity: Okay, that's far enough! Let me out!!
Rinoa: Stop being such a baby! *whaps Charity*

>Vegeta is shown flying to a beach with
>Bulma in his arms,it

DA: "It"??? Uhhh....
Rinoa: If he's an it, that means Bulma is...
Charity: OH MY GOD!!!

>flys down and lays bulma downon the sand and looks into
>her eyes.

DA & Santana: *hum "Downby" the Bay*

>"im so happy where finally married

Rinoa: What a shock! The kid can spell!
Santana: Hey, give him credit... he's still typing with both hands.
DA: *fanboy* *makes random jerking-off noises*
Santana: AHHH!!! MY RIFF!!!

>vegeta"bulma said
>"yes im very glad"vegeta said trying to get used to having a human mate.

Santana: ...No...capitals...or punctuation... *twitch*

>Vegeta then layed on her with his knee's spread apart.Bulma looked into his
>eyes and wrap her arms around him and

DA: --And fic talk like Tarzan. >.<
Rinoa: And again with the looks into the eyes. 9.9

>gave him a very pastionate kiss,

Rinoa: Okay, again, he can't spell. *shakes her head*
Santana: *grins and looks at Charity* Ever been "pastionately" kissed?
Charity: *screams and cries*
DA: Eep... poor kid... looks like the fic got to her...

>vegeta placed his hands on her breast and squezzed

DA: Um, excuse me? How does one "squezz" someone's boobs??
Rinoa: Again, can't spell! *kicks typos*
Santana: Ugh... it can only go downhill from here, guys...

>them.Bulma looked at him
>and smiled.They where still in the wedding clothes at this point.

Santana: Heh... so, like, they were both sharing one set of clothes?
Charity: You are sick and twisted! *dies*
Santana: *grins* You ain't seen nothing yet!
Charity: Eep.

>Bulma took

Rinoa: --the food out of Vegeta's mouth and ate it! ^_^
DA: ...ABC food! Yummy!
Charity: You people!! *gets up and tries to walk away but falls flat on her face*
Santana: -_-; And the MSTing Overseers triumph again...

>off vegeta's jacket and thru it in the water,

Rinoa: How do you "Thru" something?
DA: teehee! *thrus popcorn at Rinoa* Like that! ^__^
Rinoa: *Throws... "THROWS" popcorn back at DA*
DA: *eats it*
Charity: *muffled* You people are gonna... drive me crazy...
Rinoa: *steps on Charity to make her kiss the ground*

>then she unbutton his shirt and

Santana: DAMMIT!! Stop talking like Tarzan, fic!!!
Rinoa: *screams in terror at the site she sees... hair everywhere!*
DA: ...One word... WAX!!!

>took off his tie.Vegeta continued massaging her breast.

DA: Last I checked, he was "squezzing" it...
Santana: Oh...my...god... *has a horrifying thought* The way the author keeps writing that, makes it seem like Bulma... only has one breast!!
Rinoa: *dies laughing*
Charity: *gets back into her seat*

>Bulma then took off
>his shirt and kissed his musculer chest,vegeta then took a starp off her

Santana: A... STARP... Um, that's... uh, yeah.
Rinoa: Seriously, what the hell is a "Starp"?
Charity: ...One hand...
DA: Whoa! Charity! Didn't think you had it in ya!

>and nibbled and kissed her shoulder. Bulma then lick and sucked
>vegeta's chest.

Rinoa: Major hickeys... he's gonna have major hickeys after that.
Santana: *raises a brow* And you would know how...?
Rinoa: Um..... quiet, you!!

>Vegeta then took off the other strap

DA: JOY!! A strap! Finally, a word I know!
Santana: Um, yeeeeees.... *leans away*
Rinoa: THAT'S IT!!!
DA: Uh... what's it?
Rinoa: ....Nothing. ^_^;

>and pulled the top part
>of her dress down to her waist and licked her stomach. Bulma placed her
>hands on vegeta's butt and started to rub it. Finally vegeta couldnt take it no more

DA & Santana: *hum "We're not gonna take it!"*
Rinoa: I love that song!

>and unbutton his pants and pulled them down and took off his shoe's

DA: His shoe's what?
Santana: *GASP!* We'll never know! The suspence is killing me!

>and socks and finally pulled his pants off all the way. As vegeta did this
>she took the rest of her dress off as well as her shoes.

Santana: So... she just took a PART of her dress and shoes off before.
DA: Oh, yeah, that makes much more sense now... O.o;
Rinoa: How can you take the REST of your shoes off? Unless you cut them in half...

>Vegeta then rub
>bulma's sexy smooth thigh--

DA: Two things! STOP TALKING LIKE TARZAN!! And... only ONE thigh??
Santana: She's... a hideous MUTANT!!
Charity: She's half a person!!
DA: *thoughtfully* You know... that would make the rest of the story make sense.

>and grab her panties and pulled them down and off.
>Then Bulma grab vegeta's boxers and did the same.

Charity: What? Pulled off panties?
Santana: Oh god... *shudders* A cross-dressing Vegeta...
Rinoa: Does that mean he's wearing boxers AND panties?
DA: *hides under his chair, shivering*

>Then Vegeta yanked off
>bulma's bra and went down and sucked on her tits. Bulma's tits grew hard and

Santana: STOP THE FIC!!! ...How does THAT work??
DA: *looks at text* Uh... let's just move on and NOT ask.

>bulma had grab vegeta's tall cock

Charity: How is a cock tall? Shouldn't it be long?
DA: *cough*
Santana: heh... "Attack of the 50 foot tall cock"!
DA: -_-;

>and rubbed it up making cemon come out.

Santana: *edges away* Uh, calm down there...

>With this she told vegeta to let her suck his dick and he nodded. Suddedly

DA: "Suddedly" the author's keyboard developed a cold!

>she stuck his cock in her mouth and licked the head of the cock. Vegeta
>started having a super sayain-jin orgasim.

All: *laugh at the lameness*

>Suddleny cemon poured into
>bulma's mouth,it was too much

Santana: So they all died, the end!
Rinoa: So she suddenly spat it all back out in his face!

>for her that she coughed it out on his stomach.

DA: Wow, close enough for you, Rinoa?
Rinoa: Cool.

>Vegeta got a angry look on his face,but bulma made it up by licking the cum

DA: Oh, please. This is getting more and more pathetic.

>Vegeta grab her ass and stuck his cock in her wet pussy and started
>humping her sitting up.

Charity: How do you hump somebody sitting up??
Santana: Don't ask.
DA: Ugh... this just sounds... gross.

>The two frenched kiss as bulma gave vegeta's cum
>that was still on her tongue back to him in his mouth.

Santana: Thought she spat it on him. Or swallowed it again. Or whatever.
DA: Heh... lemony fresh.
Charity: You sick, sick man.
DA: ^_^ What can I say? I try!

>Finally after a hour of F*cking,

Charity: Okay, if you're gonna leave out just the "u", what's the point!?
DA: Yeah, it's not like people WONT know what it means.
Santana: Whoa, back up for a sec. HOURS of "f*cking"?? I don't know ANYone who could last for HOURS. Oops, "hour"... my bad. But STILL!

>they layed down in the sand in each other's

Charity: You know, if someone ever flew over this island, they would see them laying naked on the beach.
DA: Ew, gross thought... what if someone flew over in the MIDDLE of this crap?
Rinoa: Ew! I would say sick!

>The End (YAY!!)