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<In Genocide's Basement...>


(The door opens and two voices are heard)


Genocide: (desperately) Guys!! Don't shut the--


(the sound of the basement door closing is heard)


Genocide: ...Door. -_- God dammit!


(A short young woman wearing a skimpy halter top, and a tall young man in military fatigues both come down the stairs)


Woman: What were you sayin', Genocide?

Genocide: *groans* We're locked in... I was hoping you wouldn't shut the door, Dee.

Woman (Dee): ...Oh.  Sorry.


(Etienne moves so Dee and Cat can enter the room)


Cat: What were you guys doing down here, anyway?


(The young man peers around, then frowns, sighting something distasteful)


Cat: Uh, hey, Genocide... it looks like there's some sorta fuzzy green things moving over there... *points across the room*


(Genocide peers across the room.  The moldy cheesies from before are indeed making their way across the room)


Dee: O_O;; Good GOD! When was the last time you cleaned??

Jesse: *mutters* Try NEVER.

Genocide: Heeeyyy....

Etienne: (attempting to avoid a fight) Hey, guys! Wanna help us tear apart this badfic we found in a box of fanfics?


(Cat peers over Etienne's shoulder at the fic)


Cat: Wow... look at all those author's notes... O_o;

Jesse: Yeah, you missed THAT little gem.


(Dee settles into a sitting position on the floor, and Cat sits down beside her)


Dee: It's not like we have anything else to do... ^_^;;

Cat: Let's riff away! ^_^


(Everyone gets comfortable and prepares to tear up the fic!)





Cat: ...Of insanity!


       Dreams come in many forms.


Dee: Well, DAMN... sounds like she's about to get all philisophical on our asses!


Some good,


Genocide: Heh heh....

Etienne: ...You're creeping me out.


some bad,


Jesse: Like the one with the clowns, the cotten candy, and Barbara Walters??

(Everyone looks at Jesse oddly)

Jesse: (defensively) What?? It was a nightmare!


some very realistic, even ones that feelsvery real.


Etienne: "feelsvery"??

Genocide: Bring on the translater!!

Cat: Well, if something is realistic, doesn't it generally feel real??

Dee: Shhh! You're ruining LQ's propaganda technique!!


A dream may come to us from happy events, or even stem from bad events in our lives.


Jesse: Do we CARE??


Some come to us as a pleasure dream


Genocide: *lecherous grin*

Etienne: *leans away* Ummm...??? O_o;;

Genocide: *winks at Etienne*

Etienne: Gah!!! O_O;

Jesse: ...*gives Genocide "The Look"*


and some come as nightmares.


Jesse: *shudders* As long as they don't involve Barbara Walters...


Some become vague memories after time,


Dee: I have a feeling this fic won't be one of those.


while some stay very rich in our minds.


Cat: ...Unfortunately.


This is a story about a dream that I had.


Etienne: A sick, twisted dream!

Genocide: A dream that would haunt FF.Net for generations to come! O_o


A dream that became more dreams. A dream that would end one night then resumes the next.


Jesse: Resumes the next what?


It became like a second life.


Dee: Hooboy.  This gal is a real head case...


Ever since I became a Zelda fan, I grew an interest in Link. I thought of him as the perfect man.


(long pause)


Genocide: *latches onto the nearest person, who happens to be Jesse* I'm scared!! O_O

Jesse: ...Please let go of me. o_O;;

Genocide: Eh heh... ^^;; Sorry...


One that you could not find of this world.


Dee: Maybe because he's made of pixels, sweetheart.


I thought of him as a man that should have been.


Etienne: But he is.  He just happens to be a video game character...


The more that he attracted my attention the more I became more attracted to him.


Cat: (Link's Queen) And the more I felt this strange urge to repeat myself! To say the same things more than once...


I felt like there was a connection between him and me. Then he became a part of me,


Genocide: (LQ) And we merged into some horrible hybrid creature with bad english and the urge to talk to geckos!

Jesse: (LQ) Yes... he became a part of me when we accidentally picked up the super glue instead of the lube. Yeah, we sure had a hard time explaining THAT to the doctor...


and after that I fell deeply in love with him.


Etienne: (LQ) Well, I thought it was love.  Maybe it was just gas... I'm always getting those to mixed up!


        I know that may sound queer


Genocide: Okay, what IS her fascination with the word "queer"!?


to you but love is a mysterious


Etienne: (LQ)--And strangely gassy thing.


thing and should not be taken lightly. Love is a very strong emotion, an emotion that should be treasured. Love comes from the heart, but when it takes hold, it's got you.


Etienne: Yeesh! What's with all those commas!?

Genocide: (nervously) Etienne...? Remember the pauses in that ReBoot lemon...?

Etienne: O_O No... no way...

Genocide: *whispers* ...Shatner's back.

(A crash is heard in the distance, and an unidentified female voice is heard)

Voice: God DAMN it! I can't keep repairing this Fourth Wall!!


I quite don't understand it myself,


Cat: ...Then why are you writing about it??


but I do know that when I first laid


Genocide: AHHHHHHHHH!!! I don't want to hear this!!

Cat: *covers his eyes*


my eyes upon Link I fell in love with him.


Dee: *nudges Genocide and Cat* Guys, it's okay... it was just a false alarm.


My heart just told me it was right.


Cat: (LQ) Or was that left? I always get those two mixed up.


Told me he was the one,


Dee: (LQ) The one I just HAD to write bad SI lemons about!


the one I had been searching for.


Jesse: She sounds like a stalker!


Ever since then I have felt that it was destiny that has brought me to him. Even in my mind it feels the same.


Genocide: Well, where ELSE would it feel that way...? *looks vaguely confused*


I don't consider myself any different from anyone else. Though I have love for someone that is not really there,


Jesse: (LQ) I swear, I'm no different from anyone else! Really!!


he will always remain very real to me inside my heart and in my mind.



Dee: You are entering a dimension not of sight or sound, but of a warped mind. You are entering... the Mary Sue Zone.

Cat: *hums the Twilight Zone music*


Even to this day I still love him. He has kept me very happy.


Etienne: Very very happy?

Genocide: (LQ) VERY very very happy... *wink*


He has made me happy when I was sad. He has made me feel stronger about myself. He has even taken care of me in ways that no one else can.


Dee: This chick is starting to freak me out.

Jesse: Sounds like she's having some lucid halucinations.


Even though I have feelings for him, I'm not any different from the rest of you.


Cat: (LQ) Even though I'm in LOVE with a video game character, and have lucid halucinations--er, dreams--about him... I'm no different than anyone else!


I will always hold him close to me


Genocide: And love him and pet him and call him George! ^_^


in my heart. He is still on my mind


Jesse: Must be getting kinda heavy... *rimshot*


and I still have dreams.


Cat: Gee, what a coincidence! I still have dreams, too!


The connection stills remains strong,


Etienne: I KNEW she wouldn't be able to keep going without mangling a sentence!!


and the dreams very real.


Dee: (LQ) I feel the need to mention this one more time.... VERY REAL.


        I lived an entire life with Link in Hyrule.


Genocide: ...But let's ignore the fact the Hyrule and Link DON'T EXIST!!! *hyperventilates*

Etienne: Whoa, calm down...


All stemming from a series of dreams. Dreams that I want to have. Dreams that I make happen.


Jesse: (LQ) Dreams that I will force you to listen to.


From the first day I met him, to the birth of our first child, to even the days when Link and I prepared our family in the event that Gannon should return.


Cat: (LQ) I continued to bore you with these delusional events.

Dee: (LQ) And will continue to bore you for as long as I can.


This book is based on my inner life.


All: *shudder*


A second life lived in a far away land in another time line in another dimension.


Dee: Yes.  The... Mary Sue Zone.

Jesse: Brace for impact, everyone...

Etienne: Yeah, the prologue's almost over....


A tale of love, passion,


Cat: ...Obsession, scarieness...

Dee: Self insertion and lemons...


despair and hope. I enjoyed my inner life.


All: *shudder again*


I looked forward to going to sleep to it every night. And I look forward to ones that will come,


Genocide: Is that a double entendre??






(Genocide sighs and puts down the fic for a moment)


Genocide: Man, this is... painful!

Etienne: Yeah, I mean... how long can it possibly TAKE to get to the fic itself!?

Jesse: ...Do we really WANT to see the fic??


(There is a rustling sound in the background, but no one seems to notice)


Dee: Well... it's morbid curiosity, now.

Cat: Yeah, I just HAVE to see the horror that this girl has created...


(The camera pans and the source of the faint noises is revealed... The moldy, moving cheesies have set up a mini base behind a pile of boxes! It appears they have somehow evolved, and developed... intelligence!)


Cheesie #1: (high, nasal voice) We've done it! Now we can get our true revenge on that fool for trying to eat us! *evil laughter*

Cheesie # 2: (stoner voice) Uh, yeah... hey, dude, I think I've got the munchies...

Cheesie #1: ...Shut up. You're ruining my moment of glory.


(Well, okay... maybe I was wrong about the intelligence...)


End Notes: AHH! Painful! *sob* ...But kinda fun. =P  I hope everyone enjoys this... I can't wait to see what LQ herself will have to say when she sees this... *giggles* She'll probably accuse me of being Tilly! Anyhoo, I just wanna give thanks to my "Bold Formatter"... ^_^ Without her, this wouldn't be possible!


Stinger: "I don't consider myself any different from anyone else. Though I have love for someone that is not really there..."