Sisterhood of the Fellowship part 2:


Ed, Damien, and Carmie walk solemly into the theatre, the door closing behind them as usual...

-Ed: Why did you guys come again?

-Damien and Carmie: *in unison* Threat of death...

-Ed: *sigh* Me too.

*A booming voice fills the room*

-Woman: Take your seats.

*All slump to seats...*

-Ed: What is it today?

-Woman: The dreaded continuation of THE SISTERHOOD OF THE FELLOWSHIP...

-All: *groan*

-Woman: *laughs evily* I hope you enjoy it...


Challenges and love


Disclaimer: I only own the people I created

-Carmie: Well that makes sense...

-MSTer's disclaimer:  I only own Ed, Damien, and Carmie (unless there's some inheritance that I don't know about...)



The fellowship stood there dumbstruck. “Well...what do you think?" Deminica asked again.


"Can they do anything besides look pretty?" asked Boromir.

-Damien: *as Dementia* "Well, uh, ummm, well........ no."

"Of course we can!" Kylina said angrily.

-Ed: Go girl!!!

"Prove it!" Boromir replied.

-Ed: Borimor, the mighty discriminator...

-Damien: I'm finding these acts of sexism a little hard to believe...

-Ed: Yah.  Exactly where in LOTR does it talk about all the characters being _____ asses?

"How?" Kylina asked.

-Ed: Oh, so she says she's just as good, but she can't even think of a way to prove it?

After awhile of thinking they finally came up with an idea.

-Carmie: *hums Jeopardy theme song*

"We could have fights but not to the death just until one surrenders." Arond finally said.

-Damien: Sissy...

-Carmie: *singing* Where have all the comas gone?

Everybody agreed.

-Damien: Sissies.

"Okay, Deminica and I decided who would fight who. First fight is Boromir and Mianatis." announced Gandalf.

-Carmie: Yayy, they're cooperating!

-Ed: If you call that cooperating...

Each was given a sword and was told to fight.

-Ed: Sounds sort of like gladiator...

Boromir raised his sword and charged.

-Ed and Damien: CHARGE!!!!!

-Carmie: Ahhh!

Mianatis raised her sword slowly and flipped over the charging Boromir.

-Damien: Matrix style!!!

-Carmie: *as Miantis* "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You are slow for such a great warrior Boromir." Mianatis said.

-Ed: *translation* "I'm better than yoouuu, na na na na na naaaaa!"

They kept hitting swords until Mianatis finally hit Boromir's sword out of his hands.


"Surrender now or this sword will accidentally cut your throat." Mianatis whispered to Boromir.

-Damien: Ooooohhhh, what a sly little threat she uses!!!

-Ed: As if no one will see through that...

Boromir surrendered.

-Damien: SISSY!!!

“Okay, our next fight is Gimli and Galami.” Deminica announced.


“There is no need for all dwarfs are mighty warriors.” Both Gimli and Galami said together.

-Ed: Oh, well that wraps up nicely!

“Well, then its Arond and Legolas.” said Gandalf.

-Ed: *snickers* I bet Arind is happy about that

“How? Because us elves like bows and arrows for the most part and those kill.” Arond asked.

-Damien: SISSY!

-Carmie: Ya, it sounds like Arond doesn't want to fight?

-Ed: That's because she doesn't want to accidentaly scar his perfect face!

“Fist fight.” Deminica replied.

-Carmie: WHAT?



Legolas and Arond fought for hours

-Damien: Hours?  I don't think so...

but then Arond being the clutz she is tripped and knocked them both unconcious.

-Ed and Carmie: "Where have all the comma's gone?  Long time passing... *Stop as Damien begins to growl menacingly*

“Okay Merry and Shirlia.” Gandalf said.

“We don’t want to fight.” all of the hobbits said.

-Damien: Need I even say it?

“Then who are we going to fight?” Adromeda and Lanalei asked.


“Nobody I guess.” Deminica said.

-All: Awwww!

-Damien: This was turning into a regular WWF match!

-Carmie: WWF people scare me.

“But we want to fight.” They said.

-Ed: Well didn't that work out well!

“Why don’t you fight each other.” Frodo suggested.


“NO!” They said at the exact same time.

-All: WHAT?

-Carmie: But, but, she had it all set up!

“ Hey, Let’s go find some orcs.” Adromeda said.

-Damien: *As Adromeda* "Huck huck (redneck laugh), that'll be fun!"

“Yea” Lanalei agreed.


They wandered off in search of orcs.

-Carmie: Didn't their mothers ever tell them not to go off and search for orcs?

-Ed: Uh, what happened to the ring mission?

-Damien: Oh, it doesn't matter, they can stall, it doesn't matter if a dark lord is currently taking control of their whole world.

-Ed: You know, as long as they have a couple of stylish babes by their sides.

“Okay then the great Aragorn and Kylina.” Deminica


“You know I’m starting to think you don’t like me.” Kylina said to Deminica.

-Damien: That was uncalled for!

“Whatever.” Deminica replied.

-Carmie: *as Deminica* "Talk to the hand 'cause the face aint gonna listen!"

The fight went on for hours.

-Ed: Ya, uh huh, sure, we believe you...

All you heard was the clinking and clanking of the swords hitting.

-Damien: No grunting, footsteps, no words spoken, nothing.  Strange really...

-Ed: *booming voice* You are entering the twilight zone.  Dun dun DUNNNN!

Then for no reason Aragorn just walked away.

-Carmie: Come back Aragorn, come back!

“Hey, We’re not done fighting.” Kylina yelled after him.


He just kept walking.

-Damien: Nobody ever saw him again... *sniff sniff*

-Ed: And there was much rejoycing.

-All: Yaaaayyy...

Later that evening, Aragorn was sitting outside by himself when Frodo came out to sit with him.

-Damien: Wait up, hold on a minute!

-Ed and Carmie: What?

-Damien: Isn't she supposed to describe every bit of the evening?

“Why did you walk away from the fight like that?” Frodo asked Aragorn.


“I didn’t want to beat her, but I couldn’t lose.” Aragorn answered.

-Damien: Oh, and you decided that after HOURS of fighting?

-Carmie:  What a time waster!

-Ed: He just realized he was getting his ass kicked by a woman and decided to forfeit before she could beat him.

“She was pretty upset.” Frodo commented.


“Why?” Aragorn asked with concern.

-Carmie: Concern?

-Ed: Coming from the people who thought these women weren't even good enough to join the fellowship?

"Because she thought she offended you in some way.” Frodo said.

-Damien: Ya, she was kicking his ass!

-Carmie: It's the only possible explanation!

Then the two heard a rustle in the bushes and out stepped Lanalei and Adromeda.


“How was orc hunting?” Aragorn asked them.


“We only killed ten.” Adromeda said.

-Damien: To quote Ed; "Ya, uh huh, sure, we believe you..."

“That’s not bad.” Frodo said with a glazed look in his eyes.

-Ed: Has he been getting into the farmers mushrooms again?

-Damien: No, just Gandolfs stash.

-Carmie: He has a stash?

-Damien: Of course!

-Ed: You didn't think all those puffs of smoke were caused by his wizardry, did you?

-Carmie: Oh.

"Well, we better go inside and change.” Lanalei said.


“Bye.” Aragorn and Frodo said.


Once Adromeda and Lanalei were inside Aragorn burst out laughing.

-Carmie: Maybe he got into Gandolfs stash too!

"What’s so funny?” Frodo asked.


“It’s so obvious that you like Adromeda.” Aragorn said.


“I do not.” Frodo said blushing.

-Ed and Carmie:: *as Frodo and Aragorn* "I do not!" "Yes you do!" "I do not" "Yes you do!"

“Sure whatever you want to think.”


“ Well…You like Kylina.”

-Carmie: I see a fight coming on!!!

-Damien: *chanting* Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

“No I don’t even know her.”

-Ed: What?  And Frodo and Adromeda are soul mates or something?!

“I think that’s why you walked away from the fight.”


“It was not.”

-Ed and Carmie: *as Aragorn and Frodo* "It was not" "Yes it was!" "It was not!" "Yes it was!"

-Damien: *chanting* Fight! Fight! Fight!

“You do like her but you just haven’t realized it yet.”

-Ed: ...says the all knowing Frodo.

Then, Frodo got up and left.

-Carmie: What a poor sport!

“Maybe I do like her but if she joins us on our quest there’s nothing I can do.” Aragorn thought to himself.

-Damien: *as Aragorn* "I'll just HAVE to throw myself at her!" *girlish giggle*

With that he got up and went inside.


Meanwhile, Kylina and Arond were in their room they shared a room because they were best friends. Only Deminica got her own room.

-Carmie: *chicken lady voice* "Because she's SPECIAL!"

-Ed: Carmie, I highly doubt our readers have seen Kids in the Hall.

“Oh, so he just walked away.” Arond said.

-Damien: SISSY!!!

“Yea but at least I didn’t knock us both unconscious.” Ky said.

-Damien: It's attack of the killer nicknames!
-Carmie: NO! I know what it is!

-Ed: *exhasperated* Even she's so bored with the story that she's attempting to shorten it!

They both cracked up.

-Carmie: *monotone* Oh yes, they are sooo funny...

-Ed: That was a SAD attempt at a joke.

“So what Do you think about Legolas?” Aro asked.

-Damien: *gay british voice* Oh yay!  Girl talk!

(a/n if it says Ky its Kylina and Aro is Arond)

-Ed: Thanks for the heads up!

“You like him don’t you?” Ky asked.

-Carmie: Tell us!  The suspense is killing me!

-Damien: Thank god, death is better than this torture!

“Well yea He’s cute.” Aro said.

-Ed: *scoffing* Yes, that's all that matters.  "He's cute"

-Damien: Heck! She doesn't even know if he's good in bed yet!

-Carmie: Sicko!

-Ed: Oh, don't worry.  If this is anything like the other fics, we'll find out soon enough.

-Carmie: *shudders*

“Ky, what do you think about their fellowship? Who do you think is the cutest? The ugliest? The fiercest? The humblest?”


Aro was saying until Ky interrupted her.

-Damien: Thank god!

“One at a time Aro.”

-Carmie: *singing* Where have all the commas gone? *ducks as a bag of popcorn is hurled at her head...

“To answer your questions I think their fellowship is strong, Aragorn is the cutest, Gimli is the ugliest, Boromir is the fiercest and the hobbits are all the humblest.” Ky answered.

-Ed: Wait? "Aro" has to speak one at a time, but you can use run on sentances all you like?

“I think you like Aragorn.” Aro commented.

-Carmie: *as Ky*  "Really?  How did you geuss?"

“So what if I like some one for once is that a crime.” Ky said defensively.

-Ed: Where oh where has the punctuation gone?


-Damien: STOP IT!

“I’m going to go tell him!” Aro said as she ran out the door.

-Ed: God, what are they going to do next?

-Carmie: Hot chocolate?

-Ed:  Makeovers?

“I’m going to get you Aro!” Ky yelled as she ran after her.

-Damien:  NO!  It's a pillow fight!

Deminica stepped in front of them.


“Uh…Hi” they said.

-Carmie: In unison.

-Ed: Kinda creepy really.

“Do not let me catch you to running around in your pajamas yelling again or you’ll be sorry.” Deminica threatened as she stormed off.

-Damien: Ahhh, get out your umbrellas! *cheap shot*

“What’s her problem?” Aro asked once Deminica was out of earshot.


“ I don’t know.” Ky replied.


“Look there’s Aragorn I’m going to go tell him you like him.” Aro said happily.


-Damien: *as junior high preppy*  "Oh, you two would be such a cute couple!"

-Carmie: *grimaces* I remember that one.

“Look it’s Legolas I’m going to tell him you like him.” Ky said.

-Ed: *kiddish voice* I'm rubber your glue...

“Ok” Aro said as she walked toward Aragorn.

-Carmie: You know what guys?  I think she WANTS Legolas to know!

-Ed: Of course, it's LEGOLAS!

“Hi Aragorn.” Aro said.


“Hello Arond.” Aragorn replied.

-Carmie: *as Aragorn* "...Goodbye Arond..."

"Call me Aro.”

-Ed: Yah, haven't you heard?  The author is making a futile attempt at shortening the story!


“Ok” He replied as if he could careless.

-Damien: CAN you careless?

“Aragorn, What do you think about Kylina?” Aro asked.


“She’s pretty. Why?” He asked.

-Damien: Must you ask?

“ Because I came over here to tell you she likes you.” Aro said.

-Ed: Oh.  And out she comes with her real motive...

-Damien: Not like it wasn't obvious from the get go...

Aragorn looked shocked so Aro got up and walked away.

-Carmie: *reading back*  When did she sit down?

-Damien: Do not question my friend.  Never question.

When Aro caught up to Ky she said “So did you tell Legolas?”



-Ed: *as Aro*  "NOOO!!!  My whole plan has failed!"

“Why not?”

-Damien:  Wow, she's good at masking her disapointment.

“ Because I was watching you and Aragorn.”




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[                       <~~~~~~~~~Ed: LOOK!  A lone bracket!

                                           Carmie: Wonder where that came from?

                                           Damien: I geuss we'll never know...

-Ed: So, what do you think so far?

-Carmie: *stary-eyed*  I think it's a beautiful romance novel in the making...

-Damien:  I think I'm going to puke...

*Carmie and Ed walk up the aisle after Damien, who is running for the mens washroom, clutching his mouth...*