Ed, Damien, and Carmie walk into the theatre, excited to see the new "Spiderman" movie

Ed, Damien, and Carmie walk into the theatre, excited to see the new "Spiderman" movie.  But as they walk in the door slams by it's own devices behind them.  There is no one else in the theatre.
~Ed: That's odd...
Suddenly a strange looking woman with purple hair appears on the screen.
~All: What the?!
~Woman: Sit down.
*All walk cautiously to their seats, not knowing what else to do, Carmie stumbling a bit*
~Woman: Welcome.  I've gathered you here in order to test out your MSTing skills... *Is interrupted by Ed*
~Ed: MSTing?  Did you say MSTing?  *Whispers to Damien and Carmie* I've heard about this guys!  You have to watch horrible stories and comment on them.  Fanfiction, LEMONS  *is interrupted as Damien goes running for the door, screaming, and Carmie grabs onto her shoulder.  Damien attempts to open the door but it wont budge, so he walks back to the seat solemnly.  Ed carefully pries Carmie of and sits back, ready to accept her fate.
~Woman:  Now that you have gotten that over with, you'd better get started.  This story is written by Plutostar.  Luckily for you, it's PG rated.
~All: YAAYYYYY!!!!
~Woman: But your not getting off easy!  Don't get your hopes up.  So, without further delay...

The sisterhood of the fellowship.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from lord of the rings or anything you recognize from something but, I own some of the characters.

~MSTer's disclaimer: I don't own any of the LOTR characters or any of Plutostar's oddly named (very stylish) characters.  I only own Ed, Carmie, and Damien.  Of course, Ed is some kind of persona (ahhhh! LQ flashbacks!  RUN!) for myself, and Damien has roots that I'm not going to talk about right now (Panasonicís half-sister perhaps?), but they are still mine...

As the council was deciding who would go on the journey to destroy the ring, nine young women watched and waited.
~Carmie: Isn't that trespassing?
As the nine members of the fellowship set off they were stopped.
~Ed: Suckas...
~Damien: *chanting* FIGHT SCENE.  FIGHT SCENE.
(a/n none of them have a girlfriend or anything so repeat this to yourself there is no such thing as Arwen).
~Carmie: *monotone* There is no such thing as Arwen, there is no such thing as... *smacked by Damien*
An elf stood before them.
All: OOH, AHH...
Her hair was gray and she had yellowish/greenish eyes.
~Carmie: Ish ish ish ish! *ducks as Damien reaches to smack her again*
The fellowship could tell she was important because her ears were tipped with gold.
~Ed: Wouldn't that hurt?
~Damien: Come one, come all!  See the gold-eared freak woman!  Only 5 dollars a show!
She wore a brown dress ( kinda like the one jasmine wears in Aladdin)
~Damien: Oh, and they would just be picking up this Arabian fashion sense from where?
~Carmie and Ed: "Arabian NIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTTSSSSS!!!!" *Both duck as a bag of popcorn goes flying at their heads*
with a piece of gold rope as a belt.
In her hand she held a staff similar to the one Gandalf holds. Two braids hung slightly in front of her face
Ed: How can something hang slightly?
yet the rest of her hair was down and slightly brushed her shoulders.
"I am Deminica." she plainly stated.
~Ed: *deadpan* Deminica?  What kind of name is Deminica?
~Damien: You sure she didn't mean Dementia?
~Carmie: I don't get it *__*
The fellowship just stared at her.
~Damien: If YOU met someone wearing an Aladdin outfit, with gold tipped ears, presenting their name as something like "Dementia", would stare too...
" It would wise of you to take me and my sisterhood along with you." she said.
~Ed: Alas, what if they are *gasp* unwise???
"Why would this be a wise thing to do?" Gandalf asked with doubt.
~Carmie: And rightly so!
"For we are strong and wise.
~Ed: Oh, so they get to call themselves wise, I see...
We know more about the land than any of you
~Carmie:  Isn't Aragorn with them?  I thought he was the best!
we could be of great assitance."
~Damien: or annoyance...
Deminica explained. "No thank you, girls aren't strong enough for this." Boromir interjected.
~Ed: *as Boromir* "You've got cooties!!!"
~Carmie: Cooties?  Where?  Oh.  ^__^
"Have it your way but, with out us you only have five good warriors."
Deminica replied.
"What do you mean?" Aragorn asked.
~Damien: *as Aragorn* "Je ne parle pas anglais..."
"Well, your hobbits are weak compared to ours." Deminica said.
~Ed: Burn!
~Carmie: Poor hobbits!
~Damien: Is she allowed to diss the main characters like that?
"What kind of creatures are in your sisterhood?" Pippin asked.
~Damien: translation: "bring it on, B$&*%!"
"One human, one dwarf, two hobbits which don't come from the Shire,
~Ed: *as Deminicia* "Because all Shire hobbits are weaklings, obviously..."
and five elves." Deminica replied.
Boromir and Gimli pushed her out of the way.
~Ed: I do believe that is unfair discrimination against women.
~Damien: Weeellll, some of them ARE wearing Aladdin outfits...
"We don't have time for you!" Boromir said as he charged onward.
~Ed and Damien: CHARGE!!!!
~Carmie: ahhhh!!!............... oh :  )
As they arrived at Loth Lorien they were shocked to see Deminica standing at the entrance.
~Damien: I stick with my earlier statement.  If YOU met someone wearing an Aladdin outfit...
~Ed: ahem.
~Damien: ^___^
"I thought we left you in Rivendell!" said a very shocked Gimli.
~Carmie: VERY shocked.
~Ed: Very VERY shocked...
"You did but, you didn't even meet my sisterhood before turning me down." answered Deminica.
~Damien: *as Deminicia* whining voice "Why wont you just give us a chhaaannnccceee???"
~Ed: *as Gimli* It's called discrimination m'dear!
"First I'd like you to meet Arond." Deminica said, as a slender blonde elf in a green skirt with a orange top with green sleeves
~All: Breath, BREATH!!!
~Damien: Where are those commas when you need 'em?
crept out from behind a tree.
As she did her blue eyes shimmered.
~Damien: Oh yes, that sentence needed a whole paragraph for itself.
"She is a woodland elf." Deminica stated.
~Ed: Hence the shimmering blue eyes
~Damien: Like we didn't see that one coming...
"Now meet Mianatis, she is the one human in our sisterhood."
~Ed: Mianatis? That sounds an awful lot like mantis.
~Damien: As in praying mantis?
~Ed: Stay away guys!  Do not look into those shimmery blue eyes!
~Carmie: *while shielding eyes* Don't eat me!!!
~Damien: She said GUYS.
~Carmie: Oh.  Ya.  Right.  He he... *sweatdrop*
A beautiful girl walked over to Deminica.
~Ed: And then proceeded to masticate Dementia's head.
~Damien: Which made the Fellowship cheer with joy!
~Carmie: *pouts* I was beginning to like our dear friend Dementia!
As she walked her purple gown swayed since the sleeves were short
~Damien: Oh yes, only dresses with short sleeves sway...
you could she the fair skin of her arm.
Her long brown hair which was half up and half down with the half up in a bun blew in the breeze.
~Carmie: *while nodding head up and down slowly* I don't follow...
~Damien: Don't question it, just keep reading.
~Ed: I have a feeling there's some flying pastry involved *__*
But, her brown eyes were cold and hateful.
~Ed: For she is woman, grrrrr!!!
~Carmie: She's better than a man, she's got that extra WO!
~Damien: So much for discrimination ; )
(A/N all the words in this part are spoken by Deminica unless it says otherwise).
~Carmie: "otherwise"
"Now meet the one dwarf Galami."
~Ed: Not two, not three, but ONE!
~Carmie: *rocking back and forth* There is no Arwen, there is no Arwen...
A dwarf walked out her brown hair which hung just past her shoulders matched her eyes perfectly.
~Ed: She walked out her brown hair? Ummm...
~Damien: As I said, do not question...
Her hunter green skirt
~Ed: if you were hunting, would you wear a skirt?
~Carmie: What if all her pants were in the wash?
~Ed: Oh, of course, it's the only logical explanation!
and sleeves matched the lining on the top of her brown corset/shirt.
~Ed: Oooh!  Fashion sense
~Carmie: She matches!
~Damien: Wait, corset/shirt?  What, is she wearing her bra as a shirt or something?
She had more jewelry than all the others.
~Damien: 'Cause she was a snobby b... *ed quickly covers his mouth*
"And now our two hobbits."
~Ed: The icing on the cake!
~Damien: The cherry on the sundae!!!
~Carmie: The crust on the bread!!!!!!!!!
*Ed and Damien stare with confused looks*
~Carmie: what?
A hobbit girl with curly brown hair walked out her hair
~Carmie: Another HAIR-DOG!!!
was pulled back with a pink head band.
~Carmie: *whimpering*  When will this end?
~Ed: What, is this a cyber fashion show or something?
~Damien: *announcers voice* Here enters the beautiful "hobbit girl" on my left.  Oh, and look at her oh-so-stylish pink headband!  Boy does she know how to dress!
~Ed: *announcers voice* Too bad she isn't wearing anything else!
~Damien and Carmie: *groan*
Her dress was similar to that of Mianatis but it was pink with a gold belt.
~Damien: *gay British accent* Oh darling! That belt looks simply FABULOUS on you!
"This is Shirlia."
~All: Shirlia?
~Ed: Would somebody PLEASE get this woman a baby names book or something?
Then another hobbit walked out.
She also had curly brown hair but, hers was pulled back with a red bow.
~Damien: DAMN IT!!!  Do you really think we CARE what she is wearing?!  I mean really!  What's the point?  *pant pant*
~Ed: Deep breaths! In   out    in    out...
The sleeves of her dress were red until it reached her shoulder where the two little poofy things
~Ed: Oh, how scientific.
~Carmie: POOFY THINGS!!!
were white.
The rest of the shirt was red.
~Damien: Again, A WHOLE PARAGRAPH?
~Carmie: That poor sentence must be so lonely! *ed gives her a strange look*
Most of the skirt is red except for where there was two pieces of white material were put for decoration.
Ed: That.... almost made sense...
"This is Carenada."
~Carmie: Carenada, Carenada, Carenada, Cha Cha Cha!!!
"Now this next elf is from the sky."
~Damien: narrator: So with those words a little elf fell from the sky and hit the ground with a soft grunt.
~Ed: ^___^
An elf walked out. she had a crown on top of her mid-length brown hair.
Her dress was long and white with gold around the edges.
Carmie: blah bla bla bla...
She wore a golden medallion around her waist.
When Frodo looked into her blue eyes he was convinced he was in love.
Then he blurted out "Are you a Princess?".
~Ed: and was quickly smacked upside the head by Gandalf.
~Damien: *as elf* "...you retard."
she replied simply.
"This is Adromeda."
~Carmie: That's.... an interesting name.
"This is Lanalei"
~Damien: Okay!  We get it!  They're elves, they have weird names!  We understand!
A golden haired elf stepped out from the shadows.
~Ed: Where are they getting all these things to step out from/out from behind?
~Damien: In the words of an all mighty fellow MSTer "It's called a plot device".
She was wearing shirt that had a dark green section crossing
~Ed: Back up, back up!  We've got a "dark green section" crossing here!
~Carmie: Awww, they're SO CUTE!
~Damien: You guys are so weird...
~Ed: The coming from the gay fashion advice giving Brit?
~Damien: *nervous* he he...
while covering most of the light green section.
The skirt she wore matched.
~Ed: *doctor German accent* "Vell vell vell, you've finally learned how to match! Very good...
She had her hair braided into two braids that were mid-length. Then from nowhere a gorgeous elf appeared.
"Oh, this is Kylina."
~Damien: *as Dementia* "She isn't very important."
Kylina had black hair which was pulled up tightly in a bun with the exception of some curls which hung to her shoulders all around her head.
~Carmie: Even in the front?
She had ice blue eyes.
She was wearing a blue gown with a black full length coat/dress thing
~Ed: as narrator: You know, the thingy that's attached to the thing ma-bober over there...
which had a string criss-crossing across her chest to give her dress a medival look.
~Damien: That's sounds more goth to me
~Carmie: Goths scare me...
~Ed: right....
Aragorn had never seen anyone as beautiful before in his life.
~Carmie: There is no Arwen, there is no Arwen...
~Ed: I think someone needs to get her a valium...
"So what do you think of my sisterhood now?" Deminica asked slyly.
~Ed: Your veerrryyy..... "special".
~Carmie: You dress stylishly?
~Damien: If you count Aladdin outfits as stylish...
The end for now
~*Ed and Carmie are chased from the theatre by Damien who is shouting something incoherent about the wrath of Satan*